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Planning Comments

Sep 2017

Oct 2017

Nov 2017

Recent Papers

Taking Cycling Seriously - CWT have produced a report on the recent meeting to establish the cyclist voice in the Winchester movement strategy. more....

CWT Station Approach revised plan - CWT have provided comments to WCC on the latest plans for Station Approach. more....

CWT comments on WCC draft Strategy - WCC has produced a draft Strategy for 2017-2020 - 'A Blueprint for Winchester’s Future' and invited comments. CWT wants to stop big business buildings and reduce amount of vehicles in the town centre more....

CWT Station Approach review - CWT attended WCC's Overview and Scrutiny Committee that reviewed The Station Approach project. more....

Station Approach so far - CWT has produced a summary of the Station Approach project todate including links to all the relevant documents. more....

WCC Planning Tour - The 2016 WCC Planning Tour was attended by CWT and a report was produced. more....

Civic Voice
All Party Parliamentary Group
- The latest meeting was attended by CWT and was titled 'Is the Planning System working?' more....

CWT comments on Station Approach Exhibition - Members of the trustees, the planning appraisal group, and the planning policy group, met to agree a statement representing the Trust's opinions on the exhibition of the displayed schemes. more....

Winchester and the Civic Voice Sandys Lecture - The Lecture was given by Sir Terry Farrell and took place on 31st March at Portcullis House Westminster. A report has been produced by Chris Higgins and revised by the Trust Council more....

Representations on the last stage in the production of Local Plan Part 2 - The Trust has submitted to WCC our representations on the last stage in the production of Local Plan Part 2. more....

Aims of the Trust

The City of Winchester Trust was set up in 1957 after the public failed to stop the demolition of the Brooks Area of the City. Our main aim today is to preserve the distinctive and evolving character of the city, by seeking to influence the decisions of both City and County, Councils and the proposals of developers. This is achieved by:

monitoring the long term plans contained in the ongoing SE Region and Winchester District Local Plans.

examining all planning applications affecting the city and submitting spoken and written comments where appropriate.

drafting guidelines, briefs and policies for future planning developments.

carrying out our own or commissioning independent surveys when we have doubts about others.

liaising with other organisations

These include:-
Civic Voice
Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust
Hampshire Gardens Trust

Keeping Members Informed

The Trust considers it to be most important to keep its members fully informed of the Trust's activities, and to encourage the active participation of those members. This is done by means of:

The Website
Members Meeting
Policy Papers
Special Meetings
The Annual General Meeting
The Annual Report
Guided summer evening walks
Press releases, letters and articles for the media
Organised Visits

The archives section includes considerable information about Winchester including extensive images showing Winchester past and recent

Chairman Jottings

Bar End Leisure Centre

As many of you will know, there have been two presentations made by Stride Treglown concerning the Leisure Centre at Bar End.

Stride Treglown are a multi-disciplinary firm who have been appointed by W.C.C. to undertake the master planning of the whole of the sports ground area at Bar End. The actual leisure centre building is the responsibility of L.A. Architecture who we understand specialise in designing the type of building required.

We consider this is a ‘gateway’ site into Winchester and therefore the overall design should be of a high standard, appropriate to the scale, massing and materials arrived at, and that the surroundings which include entrances and parking area should be appropriately landscaped. So far we have only been shown the general disposition of elements that make up the site - that is, the likely position of buildings, vehicle parking and possible access arrangements, etc.

It is good to be involved in the very early stages of planning such a site, and it does raise a number of queries which no doubt can be considered by Stride Treglown or W.C.C. as the master plan evolves.

read more


City of Winchester Trust AGM - The AGM will be on Monday 25th September and the Agenda and Minutes of the previous AGM are available.

Comments required on planning - CWT is inviting its members to comment on new planning documents produced by the Trust more....

Winchester win Civic Voice Award - CWT's nomination of Winchester University Chapel wins top design award more....

New Secretary - CWT welcomes our new Secretary Tessa Robertson who has taken over from Janet and Mollie, and looks to meeting you all at some time in the future.

Diary Dates - CWT AGM will be on Monday 25th September more details later. CWT are opening its offices for Heritage Open Days on 7th, 8th and 9th September.

"Moving Around Winchester" -
You are invited to two events that WinACC has asked us to publicise more....

"Summer Walks 2017 -
The final plan of Walks for 2017 is now available. more....

"The Big Conservation Conversation -
The view of the City of Winchester Trust to the Big Conservation Conversation. more....

Civic Voice Awards 2017 - The City of Winchester Trust is pleased to report that its has provided an appliction to the National Civic Voice Awards 2017 more....

"Cards and Prints for Sale -
CWT have a number of cards and prints available for sale. more....

"Summer Walks 2016 Report -
A Report has been produced on the Summer Walks programme that was run in 2016. more....

"The RIBA Hampshire Lectures 2016 - The RIBA Hampshire Lectures at the Winchester Discovery Centre include Peter Clegg of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios alongside a range of other speakers. more....

"Winchester: Thinking Ahead" on 21 July 2016 - WinACC joined with BID, CWT and the University to organise a participative day conference to share ideas and develop consensus about the future of the town centre. more....

Station Approach - Appointment of Designer - CWT has produced notes of the presentation to WCC Cabinet. more....

News - Archive

President: Professor Joy Carter, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester   Chairman: Keith Leaman  
Hon Treasurer: Nick Gibbins    Secretary: Tessa Robertson    Reg. in England No.609812   Reg. Charity No. 251798