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Letters - TrustNews Mar 17

Dear Mr Leaman

Bushfield Camp Development

As a long-standing member of the City of Winchester Trust, l am writing to put on record my and other local people's views on the above. Accordingly l enclose a copy of the brief statement l sent to Deloittes on their feedback form.<>/p>

Yours sincerely,

Clare Allen

‘We have used the whole Bushfield Camp area for walks for 43 years! It is a great sadness that it is going to be developed. The present wild area of the 20 hectares of the Site which will remain undeveloped is greatly treasured by local people. It is an area of peace and tranquillity - a place for enjoying nature and recharging one ‘s batteries - and people who use it at present would not welcome any change in the area apart from possibly designating it a ‘nature conservation area’. We do not want cycle paths, bridleways or fitness trail. Certainly we would abhor formal or informal recreation areas or playgrounds; these are available in other places.

We would request that paths be kept open but not made too wide and that they be edged by brambles, scrub and small trees as at present. Any new area of open grassland and wild flowers should be restricted to the Agricultural Area. It is hoped that the avenue of trees be kept accessible for walkers and that they and the bank be kept as a barrier from the development.

Dear Mrs Allen,

Thank you for your letter on the Bushfield Camp area, enclosing your comments to Deloittes.

We attended an earlier meeting to the one you went to where the management and possible use of the land north of the parade ground site was discussed. We were given the impression by Deloittes that their recommendations to the Church Commissioners could be that the land north of the parade ground area was handed to an authority such as Winchester City.

We would agree with you that the area needs to be left as it is, that is “under managed”. We think that, if the reorganisation of the whole area was to proceed, then it becomes very important that this parcel of land is handed to a body that is sensitive to the issues you have raised in your comments.

Deloittes are preparing a brief for the whole area and are proposing to present this for discussion purposes in the spring. This should enable all those concerned to comment on their proposals.

Yours sincerely

Keith Leaman