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Small Visions - TrustNews Dec 17

ln 2001 the Trust published a paper, ‘The Future of Winchester - A Strategic Vision’. The Trust is now in the process of reviewing and updating the Vision to provide a statement on the constraints and opportunities that Winchester should adopt over the next 10-15 years, to maintain its character and viabllity. This will be a strategic Vision that looks at Winchester from the top down. This article suggests that a strategic Vision could be supported by Small Visions, that if implemented could enrich Winchester. These ten visions were considered on a walk into the Town Centre from the Fulflood area, and are brie?y described in the hope that some or all may be recognised and realised by 2027.

This is a personal list of Small Visions for one part of the city. The Trust invites members to submit their visions for places where they live and walk. This would enable to Trust to compile a comprehensive portfolio of Small Visions for Winchester, and equip it to campaign and take action for their realisation, in conjunction with the Strategic Vision. Please send your ‘Small Visions‘ by letter or e-mail to the Trust and we will publish them in future editions of the Newsletter.

Stockbridge Road

Richard Baker

Stockbridge Road the now common practice of parking on footpaths will become unacceptable.

Cranworth Road

Junction of Cranworth Road and Stockbridge Road this area of unused land is used to construct a stairway to provide a safe route between the Station and Peter Symonds College.

Territotrial Army

Territorial Army Building, Gladstone Street
is removed and the site developed for housing, and provides a more attractive route between the station and the Town Centre.

Romsey Road

Houses south side of Romsey Road significant improvements are made to improve the condition of many run-down houses between the railway and the Hospital.

Car Park/HCC Offices

Car Park/HCC offices Sussex Street trees and planting are introduced to soften the appearance of the hard and unattractive paved area In front of the car park.

HCC Offices

Elizabeth II Court, HCC offices a better use of the courtyard that introduces some vitality to the entrance of this major public building.

Police Station

Police station, junction of Tower Street and High Street removal of the ‘dead’ frontage created by the applied posters and a frontage created that contributes to the vitality of the High Street.

Law Courts

Space in front of the Law Courts the introduction of purpose and activity into this large and underused area.

Cathedral precinct

Cathedral precinct reinstatement of a traffic free precinct to restore respect for the setting of the finest building in the city.

Tyre Service, St Cross

National Tyre Service, St Cross Road redevelopment of the site that improves the street scene of this important entry into the city.