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The City of Winchester Trust website has been in existence for about 14 years now. Initially it was a few pages but in 2006 it was redesigned and began a long period of expansion.

The site is now effectively divided into two sections.

1. The ‘front end’ contains information concerning its general aims and achievements etc and current activities of the Trust. This includes Recent News, Published Reports, Planning News, Walks programme, and the latest TrustNews contents. Additional information includes how to join the Trust, entries and results of the most recent Awards Ceremony and the governance document for Trustees.

2. The ‘back end’ is very much larger and contains a whole range of archived material that has been built up over many years. This includes photographs in 7 separate Galleries which total over 2,000 many historic images. Contents of the Trusts annual reports are included from 1962 up to 2000, and every TrustNews published from 1985 to the present day with a searchable index. Other content includes all Booklets published by the Trust, a list of all archived documents, a list of all archived photographs and a List of all books held in the archives. The News Archive contains all the News items reported on the website since 2006 up to the most recently archived items from the ‘Recent News’ area of the ‘front end‘ of the website. There is a list of all Listed Buildings in the Winchester city area, with links to their listings and photographs. Archived Awards contains reports of all the Trust Awards ceremonies since 2007 to the present.

The website now consists of 2,000 web-pages covering all the topics described above.

Barrie Brinkman