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Visits in 2018 - TrustNews Dec 17

Livery Company Halls in the City of London on 3 September: It has been necessary to book so far in advance as public access is very limited.

As Members will know, most of the Livery Companies developed from medieval trade guilds which regulated and controlled the manufacture and sale of goods, apprenticeships and the welfare of their members. In the morning, we shall have a private tour of the Armourers and Brasiers’ Company near Moorgate followed by a sandwich lunch in their atmospheric dining hall. ln the afternoon we move on to the Skinners’ Hall which is only open to the public three times a year.

At the moment we have 25 places reserved on this tour and it would be helpful if Trust members could register a provisional interest at this stage as both Livery Companies have many other applicants who would be grateful for the places if we cannot take them up. The cost is likely to be £30 for both tours and a sandwich lunch and we would be expecting members to make their own way there - bitter experience tells us that coach trips to London are more expensive and much slower than the train!

If you are interested, please contact the Trust Secretary preferably by email to secretary@cityofwinchestertrust. co. uk, or by phone 01962 851664.

Sue Owers

Morris Singer Foundry, Lasham: No date yet. The delay is for the firm to satisfy the health & safety people. To that end, they have moved premises but there are still things to be done. Casting (sorry!) my mind back to my preliminary visit, this is all for the good. It was certainly exciting with hot metal in places but will retain our interest. I hope that we will be able to visit also the nearby workshop of Hugo Egleston and see his hand-made furniture. I will check again in February with the aim of a visit in April.

Christchurch Priory - May/June: A magnificent church in a beautiful setting. We will also visit All Saints, Thorney Hill, which was designed by Detmar Blow for Lord Manners, the local landowner, and includes work by Eric Gill and Phoebe Traquar who painted a mural in the apse showing local people and others from the “big house”, Avon Tyrrell, which is said to have been built by Lord Manners after winning the Grand National. There is a strong connection with the local gypsy population.

Mells and Chippenham - June/July: l anticipate a day visit by coach, led by Dr Antonia Whatley. The core of the trip will be the effect of the First World War on notable families living in these towns and, of course, their histories. Cost likely to be in the region of £50 - £60.

Further details and booking information for these three visits will be in the next TrustNews, at the end of February.

lain Patton