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Planning Applications Updates August 2017

Date 05/07/17 Ref No. PP-06011087 Case No. 17/01762/FUL
Location 18 Arlington Place, Gordon Road, SO23 7TR.
Proposal Repositioning of garden wall. We objected because of lack information (Mr John Dryden).
This application was Withdrawn.

Date 09/08/17 Ref No. PP-06299473 Case No. 17/02076/LIS
Location Regency House, 2 - 4 Southgate Street, SO23 9EF.
Proposal Brass plaque x2, projecting box sign, large sign to sit in the blocked up window recess on the right hand wall, a window vinyl to the back door lobby, installation of roller blinds inside the premises to the 3 front windows. All signage in Pantone 300 (blue) with white lettering (Mrs Emma Henley).
This application was Allowed. The Trust withdrew our objection once the plans had been modified so as not to include the large sign in the blocked up window recess; the Trust continued to express a preference for more modest signage on the roller blinds.

Date 12/05/17 Ref No. PP-06225601 Case No. 17/01824/FUL
Location Meeting Hall, Jubilee House, 1-3 Swan Lane, SO23 7AA.
Proposal Alterations to the existing roof form, including the provision of dormer windows on the front and rear elevations, and a roof terrace (Mr Max Easton).
This application was Withdrawn.

Date 20/06/17 Ref No. PP-06166689 Case No. 17/01630/HOU
Location 34 Stoney Lane, SO22 6DP.
Proposal 2 storey side and rear extensions (Mr Poultney).
This was Allowed. Other considerations were not thought to be of sufficient weight to merit refusal.

Date 30/06/17 Ref No. PP-06144535 Case No. 17/01673/FUL
Location Dashwood House, Sleepers Hill, SO22 4ND.
Proposal New 3-storey 3 bed detached dwelling on the upper garden area behind the existing garage (Mr Ross Brisbane).
The Trust had agreed with the comments from the Arboriculturist who raised objections. The application was Refused on the grounds that it would involve removal of a protected tree and threaten others and have a negative impact on the area.

Date 16/06/17 Ref No. PP-06144928 Case No. 17/01595/FUL
Location Pine Cottage, 4 Sparkford Road, SO22 4NJ.
Proposal Demolition of existing dwellings and the development of 88 studio flats as purpose built student accommodation, communal areas, car and cycle parking, landscaping and associated works.
This application was Allowed, after a lengthy discussion at the Planning Committee and which a variety of issues were raised. Concerns were not so much about the design of the building, which has gone through several iterations, but about its impact on the area, the need for this particular type of student accommodation, and the precedent it might set for future developments nearby. A significant number of conditions are attached to the planning permission ranging from details of surface water drainage provision to tenancy agreements. One item to note is that tenants must be enrolled in a full time university/college educational course. The reason given is that the development is designed for a type of accommodation that is considered to be sui generis and would not be satisfactory for other residential uses.

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