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Planning Applications Updates May 2018

Date04/04/18 Ref No. PP-05896699 Case No. 17/00923/FUL
Location Chilcomb St Swithun and Stratton House, Stratton Road, SO23 0JQ.
Proposal (AMENDED PLANS AND DESCRIPTION 09/01/18) Substantial demolition of existing building (with retention of the northern fašade fronting Stratton Road) to facilitate the redevelopment of Stratton House /Chilcomb St Swithun to form - 2x3 bedroom maisonettes and 4x2 bedroom flats with associated car and cycle parking, refuse storage and access from Stratton Road.- Construction of 2x4 bedroom detached dwelling houses on land to the west of Stratton House/Chilcomb St Swithun, with associated car and cycle parking, refuse storage and access from Stratton Road.
Comments The Trust welcomed the reduction in scale but thought it would still constitute excessive development and be unsympathetic to its surroundings. This Application was Allowed. The Trust felt that the revised plans would fit in with the neighbourhood, so heritage did not object. Emphasis was placed on the importance of landscaping in the decision since there is a need to screen the development.

Date 18/12/17 Ref No. PP-06592701 Case No. 17/03178/FUL
Location 9-11 High Street, SO23 9JX.
Proposal Amended plans for the demolition and replacement of the existing facades on both the High Street and Market Lane frontages. Change of use of the first and second floor retail and roof void into 62-bedroom hotel.
Comments The Trust felt the revised elevations inoffensive and acceptable in any ordinary town, but that Winchester deserved something more interesting particularly on the Market Street elevation. This Application was Allowed. With conditions on archeology and meeting BREEAM very good standard for energy and water use.

Date21/12/17 Ref No. PP-06625000 Case No. 17/03223/FUL
Location Aldi Foodstore Ltd.,2 Burnett Close, SO22 5JQ.
Proposal Removal of minor landscaping areas to create 6 additional car parking spaces.
Comments The Trust OBJECTED because the landscaping was an important condition of the planning consent for this site and the Trust felt it should not be compromised for a handful of extra parking spaces that will add little benefit and will possibly add further to traffic congestion. This Application was Refused. (Against officer advice). Grounds include reference to the original appealed application of 2008. It was considered that the removal of the landscaping would remove screening of the car park and building from Stockbridge Road.

Date02/02/18 Ref No. PP-06710747 Case No. 18/00303/FUL
Location Dashwood House, Sleepers Hill, SO22 4ND.
Proposal New 3-storey, 3-bed detached dwelling on the upper garden area behind the existing garage (Mr Ross Brisbane).
Comments The Trust had objected to a previous application (17/01673/FUL), when it felt that the proposed building, while of an interesting design, was too large for the land available given the number of trees on the site. The Trust found the same problems with the current proposal which makes few concessions to the cramped site or the character of the neighbourhood. This Application was Refused on the grounds of harmful impact on the character of the area due to the scale, size and position resulting in a cramped layout of the site and contrary to the Sleepers Hill Area Design Statement.

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