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Planning Applications Updates May 2019

Date 22/01/19 Ref No. Case No. 19/00207/FUL
Location 2 Ruffield Close, SO22 5JL.
Proposal Removal of condition 11 to allow rear dormer and conversion of roof space (18/00853/FUL, determined as permitted 30.05.2018) (Acorn Design & Project Management Ltd).
CommentsWe could not see what justification there could be for removing this condition within 9 months of its imposition. This Application was Allowed.

Date 30/01/19 Ref No. PP-07573825 Case No. 19/00210/HOU
Location 10 Pinehurst Place, Bereweeke Road, SO22 6AN.
Proposal Installation of a green powder coated wire mesh security fence along the property boundary above the existing wall along Bereweeke Road and turning the corner to the side access road to Winchester Racquets and Fitness centre (Mr & Mrs Suzanna Heape).
Comments The Trust could not understand the need for this additional security fence as it would detract from a fine character wall within the neighbourhood. This Application was Refused on the grounds that the fence, in its location and prominence, would be detrimental to the setting, character and appearance of the surrounding area.

Date 21/01/19 Ref No. PP-07513184 Case No. 18/02924/HOU
Location 23 Francis Gardens, SO23 7HD.
Proposal A proposed side extension and rear amendments to the ground floor (Mr Olly Hall).
Comments The Trust objected because of the negative impact we thought it would have on the streetscene. This Application was Allowed.

Date 14/01/19 Ref No. PP-07542851 Case No. 19/00083/FUL
Location 132 Stockbridge Road, SO22 6RN.
Proposal Condition Number: 7 Condition Removal: use of garden space for business 12-20:00 Monday -Saturday (Application Reference Number: W11026/05 Date of Decision: 03/09/2014) (Mr J Whaley).
Comments The Trust felt that was hard to see how use of the garden in the evenings could not fail to disrupt the users of the many adjoining gardens. This Application was withdrawn.

Date 21/12/18 Ref No. PP-07495211 Case No. 18/02917/FUL
Location Land Adjacent to Stanmore Primary School, Stanmore Lane, SO22 4AJ.
Proposal Construct 5 No. detached houses (1x4 bed, 2x3 bed [each with detached single garage] and 2x2 bed) and 4x2 bed apartments, associated means of enclosure, surface car parking and new access spur. . Erection of 3m high acoustic fence to part of common boundary with adjoining electricity sub-station.
Comments This Application was Allowed. The Trust had objected to the layout and design ad in particular the insistence on detached houses.

Date 12/12/18 Ref No. PP-07351148 Case No. 18/02853/FUL
Location 44 Fromond Road, SO22 6EG.
Proposal 7 Bedroom HMO at 44 Fromond Road.
Comments This Application was Refused. The Trust had objected on grounds of insufficient information and that the increase in adult occupants would result in an over intensive use of the site. WCC agreed with the latter saying that it would be to the detriment of the character of the area and would result in a significantly harmful impact on amenity in terms of noise and disruption to the neighbouring properties in C3 use.

Date 13/12/18 Ref No. Case No. 18/02436/HOU
Location 85 Westman Road, SO22 6DX.
Proposal Proposed construction of front garden wall and entrance gates (Part Retrospective).
Comments This Application was Allowed after submission of modified plans. The Trust had objected to the height of the wall (subsequently lowered) and to the proposal to have electronically operated metal gates opening outward (to which highways also objected). The gates are now wooden and openninwards, with a condition attached to the approval to ensure that they do..

Date 26/03/19 Ref No. PP-07664789 Case No. 19/00476/FUL
Location 39 Shepherds Road, SO23 0NR.
Proposal Change of use from C3 to C4 (Mr Ryan Moncaster).
CommentsThis Application was Allowed.

Date 26/02/19 Ref No. PP-07614228 Case No. 19/00425/FUL
Location 140 Stanmore Lane, SO22 4DP.
Proposal Erection of one three-bed dwelling in the curtilage of 140 Stanmore Lane.
Comments This Application was Allowed. The Trust had objected that the proposal would remove the garden setting of No 140, which is an essential aspect of the design of the Stanmore Estate, and would overcrowd the site with an intrusive and uncharacteristic terrace. Revised drawings were submitted and there was local support.

Date 15/11/19 Ref No. PP-07421628 Case No. 18/02628/FUL
Location Bishop On The Bridge, 1 High Street, SO23 9JX.
Proposal External alterations to the beer garden including a pergola, outbuildings, a bavona structure and associated works.
Comments This Application was Allowed. The Trust had concerns about the lack of information on 3 aspects of the proposal which were subsequently clarified to WCCs satisfaction.

Date 24/03/19 Ref No. PP-07719134 Case No. 19/00631/AVC
Location Bishop On The Bridge, 1 High Street, SO23 9JX.
Proposal Installation of two projecting signs, and lantern to entrance (Mr Simon Jones).
Comments There was no objection to the proposed lantern or to a hanging sign on the street frontage. The Trust objected to the proposed hanging sign on the riverside path. This Application was Allowed after plans amended to remove one of the hanging signs and reduce the size of the remaining hanging sign.

Date 04/04/19 Ref No. Case No. 19/00611/FUL
Location Unit 3, Moorside Business Park, Moorside Road, SO23 7RX.
Proposal New shop front and partial change of use to retail shop A1 (Mr Anthony Malcolm).
Comments The Trust thought a change of use for just one of several industrial units would present difficulties. This Application was Refused as being contrary to the local plan this is a designated as a employment district.

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