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Planning Applications Updates May 2017

Date 02/03/17 Ref No. PP-05868326 Case No. 17/00615/AVC
Location Barton Farm, Andover Road, SO22 6AX.
Proposal New NFU Mutual signage: 1 reception sign, 1 roadside welcome sign, 2 direction signs & 1 Disabled parking sign (Mr Luke Freeman).
Comments The Trust objected simply because there was no information about what the proposed signs will actually look like or their size. This application has been Allowed .

Date 25/11/16 Ref No. PP-05619452 Case No. 16/03224/FUL
Location Fire Station and Premises, North Walls, SO23 8DP.
Proposal Erection of 2 dwellings together with associated car parking, landscaping and access (Mr & Mrs Price).
Comments Although the Trust liked the design of these houses we did not think them appropriate for the location. The originally agreed proposal (accepted by neighbours) was for 3 single storey bungalows which would be much less intrusive on this site than the 2 two-storey houses now proposed. Allowed with lots of conditions flood prevention measures, archeology, landscaping etc. Unusually detailed because (perhaps) someone had invited the secretary of state to call in the application. This application has been Declined.

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