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Planning Applications Updates Mar 2019

Date 11/12/18 Ref No. PP- 07484220 Case No. 18/02836/AVC
Location Southgate Corner, 65 High Street, SO23 9BX
Proposal Proposal for new signs and decoration to shop front fascia (Mr David Samuel).
Comments The Trust objected strongly to the erection of hanging signs at first floor level in this location. This application was Withdrawn.

Date 31/12/18 Ref No. PP- 07510044 Case No. 18/02931/HOU
Location 2 West End Close, SO22 5EW
Proposal Single storey front and rear extensions; two storey side extension; dormer and loft conversion and internal alterations (Mr & Mrs Gillmore).
Comments The proposal is for a major increase in the size of this dwelling, which at the side extends to the full width of the plot, and the impact on the street scene would be considerable. The large front porch would currently be somewhat screened by existing vegetation, but it does not seem that this would necessarily survive the construction of the project. The proposed large dormer on the street elevation would have an unacceptable visual impact. This application was Withdrawn.

Date 24/09/18 Ref No. PP- 06644790 Case No. 18/02229/FUL
Location Burrell House, Romsey RoadSO22 5DG
Proposal Burrell House was previously nursing accommodation (C3 use class) but this use ceased some years ago and it is currently vacant. The Hospital Trust seeks to refurbish the property and change the use class to create a Hospice (C2 use class). (AMENDED DESCRIPTION).
Comments The Trust did not object but did offer some comments has been permitted after considerable discussion of the location and impact of the lift, which will still be external.

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