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Planning Applications Updates Jun 2019

Date 05/04/19 Ref No. PP-07603778 Case No. 19/00584/FUL
Location 86 Cromwell Road, SO22 4AE
Proposal Use of existing annex and attached cabin as separate 2 bed dwelling (Mr Ranjit Sohal).
Comments The Trust complained about absence of contextual information, of elevations and indication of the designated use of the proposed dwelling. We thought character of Stanmore would be compromised by such ad hoc development. This application has been Allowed but restricted to use as a dwelling within class C3(a) [which covers use by a single person or a family but excludes HMO.].

Date 18/03/19 Ref No. PP-07608267 Case No. 19/00618/FUL
Location Cromwell House, 15 Andover Road, SO23 7BT
Proposal Application Reference Number: 76/00179/OLD Date of Decision: 22/07/1976 Removal of Condition Number: 9. The condition is unfairly onerous on the freeholder & is not appropriate in the context of the current planning framework & should be removed (Chris,Winchester Properties Limited).
Comments The application does not make clear what Condition 9 is and the Trust felt it should remain at least until a better case for its removal had been made. This Application has been Allowed. The decision makes it clear that Condition 9 says “Eight car parking spaces shall be made available for use by the occupiers of the adjoining properties at 15-23a Andover Road.” The Officer's report says that Policies CP10 and DM18 highlight that sustainable transport such as walking and cycling should be encouraged, especially in sustainable locations such as Andover Road. The spaces are to be absorbed into the business use of the site for Cromwell House but remain as parking. [The report cites the number of objections as 7 when is was in fact 14.] No decision notice was available.

Date 01/03/19 Ref No. PP-07664976 Case No. 19/00470/HOU
Location 6 Chester Road, SO23 0EL
Proposal Proposed loft conversion including insertion of roof-lights and dormer window extension. Proposed single storey rear extension, changes to external appearance, boundary treatment and associated internal and external alterations.
Comments The Trust objection was to the changes proposed for the front of the house – the proposal to paint the brickwork white and to replace the white windows with dark grey aluminium ones. This Application was Allowed after the plans were revised.

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