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Planning Applications Updates February 2018

Date 30/11/17 Ref No. PP-06540022 Case No. 17/02945/AVC
Location 120-121 High Street, Winchester (Tesco Stores Ltd), SO23 9AS.
Proposal New externally illuminated fascia signage(Tesco Stores Ltd).
Comments The Trust objected because advice in the shopfronts SPD that minimal alterations should be made to the existing fascia had not been followed. (Subsequently the case officer has worked with the applicant to produce a modified, more acceptable proposal so we withdrew our objection). This application has been Allowed.

Date 08/08/17 Ref No. Case No. 17/01704/FUL
Location Dance Academy, 21 St Pauls Hill, SO22 5AE.
Proposal Demolition of former Trinity Centre. Erection of 8no dwellings including dedicated car parking and associated landscape works.(Mr Rodney Graham) .
Comments This application was Allowed after some modifications. The Trust approved of the overall design of this terraced development. Our objection was on the ground of inadequate parking provision and amenity space.

Date 29/08/17 Ref No. PP-06330330 Case No. 17/02182/FUL
Location 2 St Georges Street (Turtle Bay), SO23 8BG.
Proposal Use of highway land to provide an outdoor seating area, including barriers and loose furniture. Allowed after significant modification (Turtle Bay).
Comments The Trust had agreed that this corner junction of St Georges Street and Jewry Street is in need of renovation and revitalisation, but were concern about the loss of highway rights in this location. The approved proposals are for removable seating in a more limited area (no decking).

Date 12/10/17 Ref No. PP-06454776 Case No. 17/02620/LDP
Location 13 St Leonards Road, SO23 0QD.
Proposal Loft conversion with roof windows to front elevation and flat roof dormer to rear.
Comments LDP was Refused. The Trust had objected on grounds of design and scale. It was refused because the Council was not satisfied that the development proposed would be wholly within the curtilage of the dwelling at no. 13 St Leonards Road, as part of the rear dormer and part of 1 no. rooflight would overhang the curtilage of no.12 St Leonards Road.

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