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Planning Applications Updates February 2019

Date 04/12/18 Ref No. PP-07464443 Case No. 18/02775/HOU
Location 15 St Swithun Street, SO23 9JP.
Proposal Rear facing dormer, rear bi-folding doors, 1 new roof-light to front elevation (resubmission) (Mr & Mrs Cox).
CommentsThe Trust objected on the grounds that the dormer was too large and not sympathetic to the scale and character of the house. This application has been Allowed.

Date 24/09/18 Ref No. PP-07300489 Case No. 18/02231/HOU
Location 8 Swan Lane, SO23 7AA.
Proposal Loft conversion with addition of dormer window to rear elevation. Our comment was that dormer should be subservient to the roof form and area whereas this proposal dominates excessively to the detriment of the neighbourhood.
Comments This application has been Refused. On the grounds of scale, massing, proportion and location on the roof and because the proposed rear dormer would prove to be an incongruous feature within the roof scape of the row of terraced houses, so having a detrimental impact upon the character of the area and failing to conserve the special historic interest of the conservation area.

Date 16/07/18 Ref No. PP-07134542 Case No. 18/01727/HOU
Location 30 Quarry Road, SO23 0JG.
Proposal Construction of two storey side extension with double height stair link.
Comments The Trust felt that the existing house well represented the vernacular in that part of the city and found the proposed extension did not. This aplication has been Allowed after some revisions and clarifications.

Date 25/04/18 Ref No. Case No. 18/01056/LDC
Location Carlton Villa, 10 Compton Road, SO23 9SL.
Proposal Use of the property as a single private dwelling house.
Comments This application has been Withdrawn.

Date 24/04/18 Ref No. PP-06920151 Case No. 18/01013/FUL
Location Car Park Rear Of 5 Bridge Street, Water Lane, SO23 0HN.
Proposal Demolition of existing garages and construction of a two-bed detached 'Self-Build' house.
Comments The Trust had no problem with the house design, but were concerned about the parking situation in the area and the fact that this is in a flood zone. This application has been Allowed but with a slew of conditions relating to flood prevention measures, possible site contamination, odour prevention and archaeology.

Date 19/10/18 Ref No. PP-07366001 Case No. 18/02447/AVC
Location 16 High Street, SO23 9JX.
Proposal 1 no: non-illuminated fascia sign, 1 no: non-illuminated projecting sign and 2 no: internal posters (Mrs Sara Humphries).
Comments The Trust felt the change of scale and form of the lettering was clumsy and its proportion neither suited the fascia nor enhanced Winchesterís High Street. This application has been Allowed.

Date 26/09/18 Ref No. PP-07207550 Case No. 18/02261/REM
Location 59-63 Spencer House, Romsey Road, SO22 5DE.
Proposal Landscaping details for the site.
Comments The Trust thought that the proposed landscaping would be an overall improvement of this rather sad block. We had questioned the parking mechanism. This application has been Allowed.

Date 19/10/18 Ref No. PP-07367130 Case No. 18/02454/FUL
Location Hazelwood, 29 Downside Road, SO22 5LT.
Proposal Redevelopment of the site following the demolition of existing dwelling house at 29 Downside Road and the erection of 3no. Dwellings with associated landscaping, and parking. (RESUBMISSION) (Mr Richard Wickins).
Comments The Trust did not think that the current application met the objections made by the Trust to 18/00630/FUL nor the reasons given by WCC for refusal of that application. This application has been Allowed. Evidently the planners did not agree.

Date 16/11/18 Ref No. PP-07349908 Case No. 18/02388/HOU
Location 80 Canon Street, SO23 9JQ.
Proposal Erection of two storey extension, single storey link extension and associated alterations (Dandylion LTD).
Comments While welcoming renovation of the house the Trust thought the proposal out of keeping and over-large. This application has been Allowed, with conditions relating to archaeology and the quality of materials. Historic environment were neutral on the impact.

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