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Planning Applications Updates December 2017

Date 24/07/17 Ref No. PP-06016327 Case No. 17/01911/HOU
Location 75 Andover Road, SO22 6AU.
Proposal Two storey rear extension (amended)(Mr. Mike Hawes).
Comments Allowed. The new amended proposal was found to be more in keeping with the area and overlooking issues had been addressed.

Date 21/09/17 Ref No. PP-06380614 Case No. 17/02413/FUL
Location St Johns Croft, Blue Ball Hill, SO23 0AF.
Proposal Small glazed extension on the ground floor on the north facing elevation of the existing building.
Comments The Trust felt a contemporary glazed extension would neither complement nor enhance the character of this Grade II *Listed Building. his application has been Allowed. Historic environment did not object.

Date 03/10/17 Ref No. PP-06360498 Case No. 17/02277/LDP
Location 11 St Catherines Road, SO23 0PP.
Proposal Erection of rear facing dormer window; installation of 1no. front facing roof-light; moving the front door forward in its existing aperture; erecting a canopy over the front door; replacing the existing garage with a Summer House (LDP).
Comments The Trust objected to the 'dormer' on grounds of scale. This application has been Allowed.

Date 03/10/17 Ref No. PP-06293739 Case No. 17/02052/HOU
Location 2 Royal Crescent, SO22 5GR.
Proposal Single storey conservatory to rear of property(Retrospective).
Comments The Trust objected to lack of contextual information. This application has been Allowed. It was not considered to impact the public realm.

Date 17/02/17 Ref No. PP-05803571 Case No. 17/00336/FUL
Location Monks Hatch, 15 Chilbolton Avenue , SO22 5HB.
Proposal Demolition of 15 Chilbolton Avenue, and the erection of 12 new residential dwellings consisting of 10x two-bedroom apartments and 2xthree-bedroom houses (N. Bailey, Alfred Homes) (Amended Plans).
Comments The Trust felt that the amendments do little to address the concerns raised in the Trust's objection to the previous versions of this and other proposals. Allowed in spite of objections from !5A as it as felt that any issues of possible overlooking had been addressed.

Date 24/05/17 Ref No. PP-06091833 Case No. 17/01377/HOU
Location 28 Canon Street, SO23 9JJ.
Proposal Replace the existing single concrete prefab garage with a new garage on the same footprint (amended plans).
Comments The problem with this proposal was that the replacement garage would be two storey (for two cars), which, even amended would impede the side windows of 1 St. Swithuns Terrace. This application has been Refused because it would result in an overbearing impact to the occupiers of 1 St Swithuns Terrace.

Date 21/09/17 Ref No. PP-06059950 Case No. 17/02100/FUL
Location 3 Wykeham Way, SO23 7GG.
Proposal Single storey rear extension. Proposed garage conversion into habitable space and associated alterations including a ground floor window within the principle elevation.
Comments The Trust thought the design integrity of this new development would be severely compromised. and that it would set an unfortunate precedent, since the loss of a garage, if multiplied, would cause parking problems. This application has been Refused on grounds of being contrary to the parking standards SPD (and a bigger problem if the precedent were followed).

Date 07/02/17 Ref No. PP-05803571 Case No. 17/00336/FUL
Location 15 Chilbolton Avenue, SO22 5HB.
Proposal Demolition of 15 Chilbolton Avenue, and the erection of 12 new residential dwellings, consisting of 10 x two-bedroom apartments and 2 x three-bedroom houses with associated parking and landscaping.
Comments The Trust had serious concerns about the proposed two 3-storey blocks of flats which the Tust thought too large for this site. The 12 units now proposed seemed to be being asking too much of the site and to be contrary to CALADS. The Trust did not feel that the amendments helped in these respects.

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