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Planning Applications Updates April 2018

Date 22/12/17 Ref No. PP-06567204 Case No. 17/03036/HOU
Location 57 Parchment Street, SO23 8BA.
Proposal Demolition of an existing rear extension & construction of a new rear extension. Replacement of existing windows to front elevation.
Comments This Application was Allowed. The Trust withdrew our objection once the extension had been reduced by one storey.

Date 16/11/17 Ref No. PP- 06531433 Case No. 17/02911/HOU
Location 19 Woodfield Drive, SO22 5PY.
Proposal Two storey rear/side extension, loft conversion with rear dormer, single storey rear extension, flue and roof-light to the front elevation, front garden conversion for parking of 3 cars.
CommentsThis Application was Allowed. The Trust had objected to the lack of contextual information supplied with such significant modifications.

Date 09/11/17 Ref No. PP- 06524830 Case No. 17/02885/HOU
Location 6 Kynegils Road, SO22 6DF.
Proposal Loft conversion including rear facing dormer. Existing rear single storey pitched roof replaced with flat roof.
Comments This Application was Allowed. No doubt regarded as permitted development, but the Trust felt that the conversion does not respect the original design of the dwelling, finding it heavy, overbearing and incongruous. The flat roof is at the same height as the existing roof.

Date 11/10/17 Ref No. Case No. 17/02538/FUL
Location Vitruvius Court, 28 Chilbolton Avenue, SO22 5HD.
Proposal Revised Access to serve 15/01364/FUL.
Comments This Application was Allowed. The Trust had thought that there should have been an arboricultural report. Instead there is a condition attached to the permission requiring tree protection measures and arboriculturist inspections.

Date 31/01/18 Ref No. PP- 06681735 Case No. 18/00245/HOU
Location 22 Avenue Road, SO22 5AQ.
Proposal To demolish the existing conservatory and balcony over to rear of h ouse and replace with new extension with balcony over (Ms Faye Brewster).
Comments We thought that the new extension and balcony would be much less in keeping with the style of the house than the existing conservatory and balcony. This Application was Allowed. Historic Environment thought the proposed version would be no worse than that it was replacing.

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