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New Planning Applications Sept 2017

Date 08/08/17 Ref No. Case No. 17/01704/FUL
Location Dance Academy, 21 St Pauls Hill, SO22 5AE.
Proposal Demolition of former Trinity Centre. Erection of 8 no dwellings including dedicated car parking and associated landscape works (Mr Rodney Graham).
Comments The Trust were quite happy with the overall design for a terraced development but it was too large for this site and parking is inadequate (5 spaces for 8 units, 4 of which are 4 bedroomed).

Date 05/07/17 Ref No. PP-06011087 Case No. 17/01762/FUL
Location 18 Arlington Place, Gordon Road:, SO23 7TR.
Proposal Repositioning of garden wall (Mr John Dryden).
CommentsThe Trust OBJECTED because of lack information.

Date 09/08/17 Ref No. PP-06299473 Case No. 17/02076/LIS
Location Regency House, 2 - 4 Southgate Street, SO23 9EF.
Proposal Brass plaque x2, projecting box sign, large sign to sit in the blocked up window recess on the right hand wall, a window vinyl to the back door lobby, installation of roller blinds inside the premises to the 3 front windows. All signage in Pantone 300 (blue) with white lettering (Mrs Emma Henley).
CommentsThe Trust felt that the projecting box sign and the brass plaques x2 should be sufficient statement of the presence of this well-known firm. All other signage was considered superfluous.

Date 12/07/17 Ref No. PP-06225601 Case No. 17/01824/FUL
Location Meeting Hall, Jubilee House, 1-3 Swan Lane, SO23 7AA.
Proposal Alterations to the existing roof form, including the provision of dormer windows on the front and rear elevations, and a roof terrace (Mr Max Easton).
Comments The Trust supported the observations of the Historic Environment officer in particular in relation to the frontage on Swan Lane and the proposed mansard roof. These were that the proposals are once more seeking to remove the timber sash windows and front door to the building's frontage (even though their retention was advised under 17/01308/PNCOU). This approach along with the replacement of the existing pitch roof with a mansard arrangement, would severely dilute the building's character. We also agreed that the proposed roof and roof dormers would sit incongruously above the historic fašade and that the legibility of the proposed fenestration would therefore offer little in the way of local distinctiveness and would cause some harm to the character and appearance of this part of the conservation area.

Date 20/06/17 Ref No. PP-06166689 Case No. 17/01630/HOU
Location 34 Stoney Lane, SO22 6DP.
Proposal 2 storey side and rear extensions (Mr Poultney).
Comments The proposal is to convert a small bungalow into a two storey building, which will inevitably impinge on the neighbours (who have written to complain). Stoney Lane consists here of a row of well proportioned bungalows, and this sort of development is out of proportion.

Date 30/06/17 Ref No. PP-06144535 Case No. 17/01673/FUL
Location Dashwood House, Sleepers Hill, SO22 4ND.
Proposal New 3-storey 3 bed detached dwelling on the upper garden area behind the existing garage (Mr Ross Brisbane).
Comments The Trust did not think the proposal to build a new house in the extensive garden of Dashwood House unreasonable. The design of the proposed building was thought to be quite interesting but too large for the land available given the number of trees on the site, which would both be affected by and affect (by shading) any new building. The Trust agreed with the comments from the Arboriculturist who raised objections.

Date 29/06/17 Ref No. PP-06189429 Case No. 17/01699/HOU
Location Longways, 155 Greenhill Road, SO22 5DU.
Proposal A loft conversion to a detached house (Ms Lotus Hannon).
Comments The Trust thought the proposed large and ungainly addition altogether out of proportion with the existing house.

Date 07/07/17 Ref No. PP-06173852 Case No. 17/01658/LDP
Location 4 St Leonards Road, SO23 0QD.
Proposal The erection of a side and rear roof dormer to facilitate a loft conversion (Mr And Mrs Brittain).
Comments While noting that the proposed dormers might be permitted development, the Trust OBJECTED on the grounds that the proposed dormer will be clearly seen from the street, is built up to the height of the existing ridge line, rather than being subservient to it, and is out of character and out of scale with the existing house. If built the symmetry between this and the adjoining house will be lost and the rhythm of the street scene broken.

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