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New Planning Applications Sep 2018

Date 16/07/18 Ref No. PP-07134542 Case No. 18/01727/HOU
Location 30 Quarry Road, SO23 0JG.
Proposal Construction of two storey side extension with double height stair link (Mr Paul Connell).
Comments The Trust thought that the existing dwelling at 30 Quarry Road had considerable character and well represented the vernacular of that part of the city. The Trust had no objection to a sympathetic extension but, as far as we could see from the drawings it was not felt that these proposals were sympathetic. It was also noted that the proposals would appear to affect the Tree Protection Zone on the street frontage. The Trust therefore OBJECTED

Date 06/08/18 Ref No. Not Available Case No. 18/01686/FUL
Location 141 Stanmore Lane, SO22 4BN.
Proposal Change dwelling to HMO for purpose of selling property - HMO of five people/bedrooms (Mr & Mrs Steven Gibson).
Comments The drawings and documents associated with this application were wholly inadequate and did no show a fifth bedroom. There was no evidence that the proposed conversion to an HMO would conform to LPP2 WIN9. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

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