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New Planning Applications August 2017

Date 14/08/17 Ref No. PP-06306730 Case No. 17/02107/HOU
Location 6 Northanger Drive, SO23 7GF.
Proposal Erection of ground floor rear extension, Loft conversion and construction of two front facing and one rear facing dormer window. Conversion of existing car port to habitable accommodation and associated internal and external alterations (Mr S Daunter).
Comments This proposed a remake of a very recent development of one house in a block of houses which would ruin the simple design and the roofline. The proposed rear extension was also poorly designed.

Date 21/09/17 Ref No. PP-06059950 Case No. 17/02100/FUL
Location 3 Wykeham Way, SO23 7GG.
Proposal Proposed Garage Conversion. Convert one of the garages into a habitable room (Ms Hui Meng Jee).
Comments Internal access will be formed via the entrance hall to the proposed habitable room. One of the existing garage doors will be infilled with masonry cavity walls and a wooden casement window to match the surrounding dwellings. This was another case of modification threatening to destroy the design integrity of a new development. In this and the above case unfortunate precedents would be set.

Date 22/08/17 Ref No. PP-06264623 Case No. 17/02158/LDP
Location 32 North View, SO22 5EH.
Proposal Removal of rear dormer and replacement with new dormer. New roof-lights to front and existing roof-light enlarged (Mr Nigel Gainsborough).
Comments This was an LDC application. Since we could not see any plans associated with this application it we objected that it was impossible to judge whether the size and design would be lawful. A previous application17/00501/HOU (to which the Trust objected) was withdrawn. Subsequently the plans were made publicly available and our objection was withdrawn as the dormer had been reduced in scale.

Date 24/07/17 Ref No. PP-06016327 Case No. 17/01911/HOU
Location 75 Andover Road, SO22 6AU.
Proposal Two storey rear extension (Mr Mike Hawes).
Comments The Trust thought that the proposed two storey extension was out of scale with the existing house and insensitive to its architecture both in terms of overall bulk and the proposed very large windows.

Date 24/05/17 Ref No. PP-06091833 Case No. 17/01377/HOU
Location 28 Canon Street, SO23 9JJ.
Proposal Replace the existing single concrete prefab garage with a new garage on the same footprint but constructed in brick with slate roof (amended plans) (Mrs Penny Kempton).
Comments The Trust therefore maintained our objection on the grounds that the changes did not make the scheme any more acceptable and that a two storey garage is inappropriate and unneighbourly in this location.

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