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New Planning Applications Nov 2018

Date 24/09/18 Ref No. PP-07300489 Case No. 18/02231/HOU
Location 8 Swan Lane, SO23 7AA .
Proposal L oft conversion with addition of dormer window to rear e levation (Mr Bray).
Comments The Trust said that a dormer should be subservient to the roof form and area and that this proposal dominates excessively, to the detriment of the neighbourhood. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 02/01/18 Ref No. PP-06624389 Case No. 17/03246/HOU
Location Carlton Villa, 10 Compton Road, SO23 9SL .
Proposal Two storey domestic extension and single storey side extension to existing 19th century house. Rendered boundary wall (retrospectively built) to the west elevation. (Amended proposal.) (Mr &Mrs Robin &Allison Jowitt).
Comments The Trust found it very difficult to distinguish any difference between the second and third iterations of the application. Apart from greater reference to the history of the site and some more planting, we could not identify any changes to justify withdrawal of the Trust objection dated 4 April. The Trust therefore continued its OBJECTION.

Date 12/09/18 Ref No. PP-07222349 Case No. 18/02072/HOU
Location 15 St Swithun Street, SO23 9JP .
Proposal Rear facing dormer, rear bi-folding doors, one new rooflight to front elevation (Mr & Mrs Cox).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED to the rear facing dormer which is very large and out of keeping with the rest of the house. The bifold doors also seemed clumsy and out of keeping with the scale and character of the house.

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