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New Planning Applications May 2017

Date 07/03/17 Ref No. PP-05876012 Case No. 17/00610/HOU
Location 6 Drayton Street, SO22 4BJ.
Proposal Two storey side extension (Mr Robert Stanley).
Comments The Trust felt that what is proposed is out of keeping with the Estate design and incompatible with the character of neighbouring dwellings. This proposal would effectively double the size of the house.

Date 02/03/17 Ref No. PP-05868326 Case No. 17/00615/AVC
Location Barton Farm, Andover Road, SO22 6AX.
Proposal New NFU Mutual signage: 1 reception sign, 1 roadside welcome sign, 2 direction signs & 1 Disabled parking sign (Mr Luke Freeman).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED simply because there was no information about what the proposed signs will actually look like or their size.

Date 21/03/17 Ref No. W11337/01 Case No. 16/00517/FUL
Location 180 Greenhill Road, SO22 5DR.
Proposal Replacement of four semi-detached houses with two blocks of student accommodation consisting of: 3 x 3 bed flats, 11 x 4 bed flats, 1 x 5 bed flat, 9 x 6 bed flats, 2 x 7 bed flats, 1 x 8 bed flat, and a Warden's flat, together with amenity space, cycle storage, bin store, restricted operational car parking and landscaping (Amended Plans) (Mr Rob Buckland)
Comments The Trust has seen this before and did not find in the amended plans grounds for withdrawing our objections to the previous plans.

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