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New Planning Applications May 2019

Date 05/04/19 Ref No. PP-07603778 Case No. 19/00584/FUL
Location 86 Cromwell Road, SO22 4AE.
Proposal Use of existing annex and attached cabin as separate 2 bed dwelling (Mr Ranjit Sohal).
Comments The Trust complained about absence of contextual information, of elevations and indication of the designated use of the proposed dwelling. The Trust thought character of Stanmore would be compromised by such ad hoc development. The Trust therefore OBJECTED

Date 15/03/19 Ref No. PP-07700563 Case No. 19/00605/FUL
Location 1-4 Salters Acres, SO22 5JW.
Proposal Erection of eight dwelling houses consisting of two 4-bedroom, four 3-bedroom and two 2-bedroom dwellings with associated access, landscaping and parking.
Comments The Trust thought the density and grain of the development excessive for the site. Since it will be contiguous to the Meadowland site it was noted that twice the number of dwellings has been proposed for an area similar to that of Meadowlands, resulting in very small curtilages. The scale, mass and style of the proposed dwellings were not thought to be sympathetic to the character of this edge of city position. The Trust suggested that the whole design of this development should be seriously re-considered. The Trust therefore u>OBJECTED.

Date 04/04/19 Ref No. Case No. 19/00611/FUL
Location Unit 3, Moorside Business Park, Moorside Road, SO23 7RX.
Proposal New shop front and partial change of use to retail shop A1 (Mr Anthony Malcolm).
Comments The Trust thought this change of use for just one of several industrial units would present the difficulties outlined in an objection from a neighbouring unit states. The Trust therefore u>OBJECTED.

Date 18/03/19 Ref No. PP-07608267 Case No. 19/00618/FUL
Location Cromwell House, 15 Andover Road, SO23 7BT.
Proposal Application Reference Number: 76/00179/OLD Date of Decision: 22/07/1976 Removal of Condition Number: 9. The condition is unfairly onerous on the freeholder & is not appropriate in the context of the current planning framework & should be removed (Chris,Winchester Properties Limited).
Comments The application does not make clear what Condition 9 is, nor is it clear how it relates to the present situation; and supporting documents give little further information. We gathered from objection letters that it concerns parking. We felt this Condition 9 should remain at least until a better case for its removal had been made. The Trust therefore u>OBJECTED.

Date 13/03/19 Ref No. PP-07652493 Case No. 19/00577/FUL
Location 9 Gordon Avenue, SO23 0QE.
Proposal Retrospective alterations/amendments connected to the approved scheme 16/00258/FUL additional living area formed within the roof space serving units 4 and 5; additional light-well serving unit 2; small window infilled serving unit 3 on the west elevation; minor landscape alterations; revised bin/cycle storage (Mr Talwar).
Comments The alterations and amendments have already been implemented without prior approval. The Trust felt that we could not approve and that the Planning Officers should investigate. The Trust therefore u>OBJECTED.

Date 22/03/19 Ref No. PP-07721751 Case No. 19/00648/HOU
Location Nearwater, Domum Road, SO23 9NN.
Proposal Remove part of the railing, hedge and small tree to front boundary and build up ground to create an open parking bay in the front garden (Mr Kenneth Day).
Comments The application was poorly presented. It was assessed using Google maps. Since the house has a garage with additional parking space in front of it, we concluded that the proposed works would be detrimental to the rural character of the street scene and that the case for additional parking had not been made. The Trust therefore u>OBJECTED.

Date 26/03/19 Ref No. PP-07664789 Case No. 19/00476/FUL
Location 39 Shepherds Road, SO23 0NR.
Proposal Change of use from C3 to C4. (Mr Ryan Moncaster).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED to any increase in HMOs in Winnall and felt the objections of the neighbours concerning poorly maintained gardens were well-founded. The Trust suggested that such applications should give details about how garden spaces will be managed.

Date 20/03/19 Ref No. PP-07719134 Case No. 19/00631/AVC
Location Bishop On The Bridge, 1 High Street, SO23 9JX.
Proposal Installation of two projecting signs, and lantern to entrance (Mr Simon Jones).
Comments There was no objection to the proposed lantern or to a hanging sign on the street frontage. The Trust OBJECTED to the proposed hanging sign on the riverside path.

Date 15/04/19 Ref No. Case No. 19/00556/AVC
Location Hampshire Constabulary HQ, Romsey Road, SO22 5DB.
Proposal Erection of mesh directional banner (Lisa Parchment).
Comments This is a reapplication to put a (modified) banner on the wall at the corner of West End Terrace, which the Trust felt to be superfluous and OBJECTED for the same reasons as last time.

Date 21/03/19 Ref No. PP-07717729 Case No. 19/00645/FUL
Location 49 Stoney Lane, SO22 6DP.
Proposal Proposed development of 4x3 bed semi-detached houses and 4x2 bed apartments following removal of existing dwelling (Mr Samuel Doswell).
Comments The Trust noted that permission was given last year (17/01172/FUL) for a new detached three bedroom chalet bungalow on this site. This seemed more appropriate and in character with the area than the scheme now proposed which seeks to overcrowd the site. The detailed comments of the urban design officer seemed accurate and were supported. The Trust OBJECTED.

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