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New Planning Applications March 2018

Date 09/01/18 Ref No. PP-06647553 Case No. 18/00049/HOU
Location 6 West End Terrace, SO22 5EN.
Proposal Extensions and alterations to Coachman's Cottage and extensions and alterations to garage (Mr Ferguson).
Comments Coachman's Cottage actually fronts on to Middle Road, which is very narrow, and is within the Conservation area. What is proposed would not be an improvement; it involves two doors of different styles, three different windows, a flat roof, a sloping roof and the use of cedar shingles. It introduces windows and a balcony at a higher level than anything currently existing on the road. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 02/01/18 Ref No. PP-06624389 Case No. 17/03246/HOU
Location Carlton Villa, 10 Compton Road, SO23 9SL.
Proposal Two storey domestic extension to existing 19th century house (Mr Robin & Mrs Allison Jowitt).
Comments The Trust found what is proposed entirely out of keeping with the character of this part of the conservation area. It eliminates the spacious settlement pattern and entirely obliterates the historical context of the relationship between the coach house and adjoining buildings. The proposed extension creates a new and incongruous building, with metal window ranges, banks of skylights, flat roof and juliet balconies. It is also clear that there will be serious problems of loss of light and privacy to the adjoining property at No 12. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 16/01/18 Ref No. PP-06664682 Case No. 18/00096/FUL
Location 14 Greenhill Avenue, SO22 5ED.
Proposal Single and two storey extension to the rear and loft conversion (Mr S Peck).
Comments The proposal has no architectural merit, devalues the terrace as it does not respond sympathetically to the original design and is overbearing. The Trust suggested that reducing the size and/or style of the dormer and having a pitched roof over the bathroom could go some way toward rescuing the application. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 31/01/18 Ref No. PP-06681735 Case No. 18/00245/HOU
Location 22 Avenue Road, SO22 5AQ.
Proposal To demolish the existing conservatory and balcony over to rear of house and replace with new extension with balcony over (Ms Faye Brewster).
Comments As proposed the new extension and balcony are much less in keeping with the style of the house than the existing conservatory and balcony. The Trust felt that a more sympathetic solution could be found. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

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