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New Planning Applications June 2017

Date 12/04/17 Ref No. PP-05985207 Case No. 17/01088/FUL
Location 4 Fairfield Road, SO22 6SF.
Proposal Conversion of attic under permitted development and extension to ground floor to provide a larger kitchen and dining area with access to the garden and new patio (Mr & Mrs David Spencer).
Comments Despite the fact that the attic conversion comes under permitted development, the Trust OBJECTED to the insensitive design of the proposed dormer as being contrary to the character of the houses in this terrace, out of scale with the roof-scape and obtrusive to neighbouring dwellings.

Date 17/03/17 Ref No. PP-05921927 Case No. 17/00799/FUL
Location 93 High Street, SO23 9AP.
Proposal Minor alterations to the ground floor of the property including moving the building line forward in between existing columns and installation of new shop front and new window to replace an existing window and door, in connection with use of the building as a Savills Estate Agents (93 High Street and 1 Jewry Street) (C/O Agent).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED because this is an important, busy corner in the city centre where the pavement should not be narrowed and the columns, which are the only interesting feature of an otherwise bland building, would be lost if the frontage were moved forward.

Date 25/04/17 Ref No. PP-06017626 Case No. 17/01169/FUL
Location Dawn Cottage, Romsey Road, SO22 5PQ.
Proposal Resubmission - Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with four dwellings (2 x 3 bedrooms and 2 x 4 bedrooms) with associated parking, landscaping and construction of two car ports (Mrs Chris Burns).
Comments The Trust noted some improvements made over the previous application, which include the revised siting of the garages, but overall found the reduction in height to be hardly noticeable and that the rear elevations in particular looked very cumbersome.

Date 27/03/17 Ref No. PP-05945658 Case No. 17/00903/HOU
Location 8 Cobbett Close, SO22 4EF.
Proposal Two storey side and rear extension (Mr H Singh).
Comments The Trust agreed with the numerous local objections that this would be another unacceptable increase in the proportion of HMOs in what should be a residential suburban area.

Date 27/03/17 Ref No. PP-05945456 Case No. 17/00902/AVC
Location Mercedes-Benz Of Winchester, Easton Lane, SO23 7RR.
Proposal Replacement external car dealership and forecourt signs.
Comments The Trust OBJECTED to the increase in signage and levels of illumination.

Date 04/05/17 Ref No. Case No. 17/01231/FUL
Location 2 Cedar Cottage, Dell Road, SO23 0QB.
Proposal Removal of condition 13 from planning application 12/01626/FUL - to allow the enclosure of the undercroft car parking (Mrs Ruth Spink).
Comments The Trust agreed with the objection from Highways that removal of the condition would result in a traffic hazard.

Date 30/03/17 Ref No. PP-05956806 Case No. 17/00965/LDP
Location 18 Sarum Close, SO22 5LY.
Proposal Loft conversion with roof windows and rear dormers (Mr & Mrs Tilley).
Comments There were neither plans nor any other explanation which we felt necessary even for an LDP application. (The documents have since been supplied and our objection withdrawn.)

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