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New Planning Applications Jun 2019

Date 11/04/19 Ref No. PP-07687027 Case No. 19/00826/HOU
Location Barnes Cottage, 1 Barnes Close, SO23 9QX.
Proposal Demolition of existing detached garage & erection of replacement detached garage; installation of new sliding gates (Mr & Mrs Richards).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED to the over-dominance of the new garage which is too high, has white PVC windows, and a metal sliding gate with loss of gate piers.

Date 02/05/19 Ref No. PP-07777047 Case No. 19/00986/FUL
Location 1-4 Woodpeckers Drive, SO22 5JJ.
Proposal Erection of extra care/assisted living accommodation for older people with communal facilities and car parking – (S Paull, Yourlife Management Services Ltd & Alfred Homes Ltd).
Comments As far as the Trust could see, the application is basically the same as that presented to the Trust on 16 April 2019. Th Trust We OBJECTED strongly on the grounds that this would amount to over-development of the site, a building that would be detrimental to the character of the area and also has inadequate parking arrangements given its intended use.

Date 09/04/19 Ref No. PP-07764832 Case No. 19/00815/FUL
Location Prospect House, 15 Magdalen Hill, SO23 0HJ.
Proposal Proposed development of 3x3 bed dwellings an 1x2 bed dwelling following the removal of Prospect House (Mr Kevan Netherwood).
Comments The dwellings were not regarded as an acceptable re-interpretation of the architectural character of this Conservation Area. There were specific concerns about the large blank white wall at the top of the terrace which would confront pedestrians coming down the track from St Giles Hill. The site plan does not indicate any provision for bicycle storage and only minimal provision for bins. The Trust were also not convinced that the trees on the site would be able to survive the proposed development. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 26/04/19 Ref No. Case No. 19/00762/FUL
Location Goodworth House , 53 St Cross Road, SO23 9RE.
Proposal Erection of eight dwelling houses consisting of one 2-bedroom, three 3-bedroom, two 4-bedroom and two 5-bedroom dwellings, with associated vehicle and pedestrian access, garages, parking, landscaping and the relocation of frontage wall at Goodworth House (Mr Chris Rees).
Comments The Trust welcomed the levels of local consultation on this scheme and the applicants’ evident willingness to incorporate the conclusions of the consultation exercises into the proposals. So the Trust supported the layout, number and the group value of the vernacular style of dwellings 4 – 8. Trust OBJECTED to Block 1-3 fronting onto St Cross Road. The Trust were concerned about the impact of this large neo-classical block on Goodworth House, no 51 St Cross Road and the general street scene [which was apparently a factor in the listing of Goodworth House]. It was felt that the block was falsely grandiose, too large in height and bulk, and that the neo-classical detailing was alien to the character of the this end of St Cross and to its road scape. The Trust therefore OBJECTED .

Date 21/03/19 Ref No. PP-07717729 Case No. 19/00645/FUL
Location 49 Stoney Lane, SO22 6DP.
Proposal Proposed development of 4 x 3 bed semi-detached houses and 4 x 2 bed apartments following removal of existing dwelling (Mr Samuel Doswell).
Comments The Trust noted that permission was given last year (17/01172/FUL (AMENDED PLANS)) for a new detached three bedroom chalet bungalow on this site. The Trust thought much more appropriate and in character with the area than the scheme currently proposed. The proposal seeks to overcrowd the site and the apartments particularly are not well oriented, with north facing windows and very little fenestration on the south side thus making very little use of any passive solar gain. The detailed comments of the urban design officer seem accurate and we supported these. Our objection was maintained when we reviewed the amended plans. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 15/04/19 Ref No. Case No. 19/00556/AVC
Location Hampshire Constabulary HQ, Romsey Road, SO22 5DB.
Proposal Erection of mesh directional banner (Lisa Parchment).
Comments Since this site is already the subject of many hoardings advertising the project, the Trust thought this further sign on an old wall in the Conservation Area was superfluous.

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