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New Planning Applications December 2017

Date 12/10/17 Ref No. PP-06454776 Case No. 17/02620/LDP
Location 13 St Leonard's Road, SO23 0QD.
Proposal Loft conversion with roof windows to front elevation and flat roof dormer to rear (Mr & Mrs Harris).
Comments The Trust felt that the design and scale of the proposed roof extension detracts from the nature and character of the house and would be incongruous with neighbouring dwellings. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 11/10/17 Ref No. Case No. 17/02538/FUL
Location Vitruvius Court, 28 Chilbolton Avenue, SO22 5HD.
Proposal Revised Access to serve 15/01364/FUL (Vitruvian Homes Ltd).
Comments Given the considerable amount of arboricultural assessment carried out for the original application, we felt more was needed that the bare assertion that the trees will not be affected. The newly submitted biodiversity checklist suggests the applicant has forgotten that broad-leaved woodland is a feature of this site. The Trust therefore OBJECTED

Date 24/07/17 Ref No. PP-06016327 Case No. 17/01911/HOU
Location 75 Andover Road, SO22 6AU.
Proposal Two storey rear extension (amended)(Mr. Mike Hawes).
Comments The scale of the proposed extension was reduced, but we felt that it is no more sensitive to the character of the original house than that originally proposed. The Trust therefore OBJECTED

Date 01/11/17 Ref No. PP-06502015 Case No. 17/02796/HOU
Location 43 Woodfield Drive, SO22 5PY.
Proposal Single storey extension. First floor extension. Roof extension to form accommodation at second floor level (Mr & Mrs Whiles).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED because the information was inadequate.

Date 26/04/17 Ref No. PP-06020338 Case No. 17/01172/FUL
Location 49 Stoney Lane, SO22 6DP.
Proposal New detached three bedroom chalet bungalow(amended plans) (Mr & Mrs Croxford).
CommentsThe Trust had objected to the previous plans and have maintained our OBJECTION on the grounds of overdevelopment and use of inappropriate materials.

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