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New Planning Applications Dec 2018

Date 19/10/18 Ref No. PP-07366001 Case No. 18/02447/AVC
Location 16 High Street, SO23 9JX.
Proposal 1 no: non-illuminated fascia sign, 1 no: non-illuminated projecting sign and 2 no: internal posters (Mrs Sara Humphries).
Comments The Trust felt the change of scale and form of the lettering was clumsy and its proportion neither suited the fascia nor enhanced Winchester’s High Street and considered the current signage more elegant and appropriate. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 18/10/18 Ref No. PP-07322802 Case No. 18/02442/AVC
Location Land East Of Station Road, SO23 8TJ.
Proposal 1x information board approximately 3mx4m (height x width) sited adjacent to the junction of Gladstone Street and Station Road. 2x information banners approximately 2.5mx6m (height x width) attached to the Old Registry Office (Ms Zoe James).
Comments The Trust OBECTED strongly to giant banners defiling the old Registry Office at any stage let alone for 5 years. The Trust were not convinced that the freestanding board was necessary.

Date 26/09/18 Ref No. PP-07207550 Case No. 18/02261/REM
Location 59-63 Spencer House, Romsey Road, SO22 5DE.
Proposal Landscaping details for the site.
Comments The Trust thought that the proposed landscaping would be an overall improvement of this rather sad block. But we felt that the application was short of information about the ingenious stacked parking; as shown this is visually disturbing and detail about mechanism is necessary for any assessment of its likely effectiveness. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 19/10/18 Ref No. PP-07367130 Case No. 18/02454/FUL
Location Hazelwood, 29 Downside Road, SO22 5LT.
Proposal Redevelopment of the site following the demolition of existing dwelling house at 29 Downside Road and the erection of 3no. dwellings with associated landscaping, and parking (Mr Richard Wickins) (RESUBMISSION).
Comments The Trust did not think that the current application meets the objections made by the Trust to 18/00630/FUL nor the reasons given by WCC for refusal of that application. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 16/11/18 Ref No. PP-07349908 Case No. 18/02388/HOU
Location 80 Canon Street, SO23 9JQ.
Proposal Erection of two storey extension, single storey link extension and associated alterations :– (Dandylion Ltd) . .
Comments While welcoming renovation of the house the Trust thought the current proposal out of keeping and over-large. The new kitchen with roof garden over (the single storey link extension) is an ingenious way of trying to disguise the scale of the extension, but the two-storey part with the sitting room and study seemed over-dominant. The Trust therefore OBJECTED .

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