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New Planning Applications August 2017

Date 12/06/17 Ref No. Case No. 17/01541/HOU
Location 26 Egbert Road, SO23 7EB.
Proposal Rear/side 2nd floor dormer to existing bedroom and existing dwelling house. (Dr Phillip White).
Comments The Trust considered what is proposed to be poorly designed, wholly inappropriate to the neighbourhood and to the style of the existing dwelling and the scale of the dormer is not in keeping with the roof scape.

Date 11/07/17 Ref No. PP-06198795 Case No. 17/01789/LDP
Location Brook House, 58 Upper Brook Street, SO23 8DG.
Proposal Use of land for siting a mobile home for use incidental to the main dwelling (Mr & Mrs Jennings).
Comments The Trust expressed concern at the prospect of inserting a prefabricated building into the heart of the conservation area, putting some trees and the high wall at risk from crane damage. The legal niceties of whether, technically, it can qualify as a 'mobile' home were left to the City's legal department, but it is clear from the proposal that in terms of use it is not intended to be mobile and is far from being a caravan.

Date 05/07/17 Ref No. PP-06123208 Case No. 17/01481/HOU
Location La Luna, 7A City Road, SO23 8SD.
Proposal Extend roof terrace to the second floor apartment. (Part Retrospective) (Miss Sian Rowland).
Comments There was a similar application (15/01735/FUL) for 7 City Road to which the Trust objected. The application was subsequently withdrawn. The Trust similarly OBJECTED to this proposal as the concerns of neighbours in this tightly packed corner of Winchester remain valid.

Date 23/05/17 Ref No. PP-06072753 Case No. 17/01382/HOU
Location 32 St Faiths Road, SO23 9QD.
Proposal Single storey rear extension, matching the footprint of the existing conservatory. Loft conversion and dormer extension to the rear, three skylights in the loft to the front (Mrs Katherine Jarrett).
Comments The Trust had no objection to the single storey rear extension, but did OBJECT to the loft conversion and dormer extension as the Trust felt the proposed works would combine to create something of a design jumble at the rear of the house and that the proposed large areas of black timber cladding seem entirely unsympathetic with this area of houses.

Date 16/06/17 Ref No. PP-06144928 Case No. 17/01595/FUL
Location Pine Cottage, 4 Sparkford Road , SO22 4NJ.
Proposal Demolition of existing dwellings and the development of 91 studio flats as purpose built student accommodation, small-scale retail, communal areas, car and cycle parking, landscaping and associated works (Big Sur Properties in Association With Unilife Ltd).
Comments This is another commercial developer of student housing with a high visual impact proposal in a mixed residential area. The Trust felt that while the site might seem appropriate for student accommodation, given its location, Sparkford Road is already very busy and this development would only exacerbate the problem. The Trust also felt that before determining this application the City Council should require the University, as a major and growing institution in Winchester, to have a clear policy statement in their future expansion plans for increasing teaching and student accommodation in the City (the Council has already received a number of such applications). Without such a policy, this sort of speculative development of student accommodation will continue and may simply allow for an overall increase in student numbers rather than any reduction in HMOs.

Date 25/05/17 Ref No. PP-06098778 Case No. 17/01399/AVC
Location 17 Jewry Street, SO23 8RZ.
Proposal New Fascia and projecting sign (Mr Bob Becket).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED to the original proposal feeling that both the projecting sign and the new fascia were too strident for this important listed building in the Conservation area. Subsequently the proposal has been modified to something more acceptable and we have withdrawn our objection.

Date 24/05/217 Ref No. PP-06091833 Case No. 17/01377/HOU
Location 28 Canon Street, SO23 9JJ.
Proposal Replace the existing single concrete prefab garage with a new garage on the same footprint but constructed in brick with slate roof (Mrs Penny Kempton).
Comments The proposal is for a two-storey garage; the footprint of the new garage is the same as for the existing garage but there would be a lift so that one car could be parked above the other. The Trust expressed concern about the height of the new garage, which will partially block one window of 1 St Swithuns Terrace. There are also issues arising from the narrow access and limited amount of space to manoeuvre two cars.

Date 17/02/17 Ref No. Case No. 17/00456/HOU
Location 1 Greenhill Avenue, SO22 5ED.
Proposal Two storey rear extension (Amended plans) (Mr Adrian Lusmore).
Comments Despite previous objections resulting in some amendments, the latest proposal is still for a very large two-storey box at the back of a modest Victorian terraced house and the Trust felt it was out of character with the street scene.

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