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New Planning Applications April 2018

Date 18/12/18 Ref No. PP- 06592701 Case No. 17/03178/FUL
Location 9-11 High Street, SO23 9JX.
Proposal Amended plans for the demolition and replacement of the existing facades on both the High Street and Market Lane frontages. Change of use of the first and second floor retail and roof void into 62-bedroom hotel.
Comments While the revised elevations remain inoffensive and would be acceptable in any ordinary town, we felt that an historic city like Winchester deserves something more interesting. On the High Street elevation there are no cornices or string courses, no distinctive parapet detail and no robust window surrounds, all of which would provide subtle shadow lines. In Market Street there is also a puzzling lack of emphasis at the hotel entrance, especially in comparison with the Wessex on the other side of the road. The Trust therefore OBJECTED.

Date 27/02/18 Ref No. PP- 06779543 Case No. 18/00548/HOU
Location Ilex House, Domum Road, SO23 9NL.
Proposal Rear lower ground and ground floor extension with terrace, lower ground floor side extension, replacement of glazing to retained openings, internal refurbishment of house including new roof-lights.
Comments The rear of the house is very clearly seen from the public footpath that runs along beside the river. The Trust felt that the proposed extension would completely change the neat, cottage-like character of the rear of the house and would contrast abruptly with the adjoining house.The Trust therefore OBJECTED

Date 16/02/18 Ref No. PP- 05881058 Case No. 18/00263/FUL
Location 90 Stanmore Lane, SO22 4DR.
Proposal Proposed drop curb outside & creation of a driveway from public highway; permeable surface on the front garden, to allow the parking of vehicles (Mr Alex Parker).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED because the wide grass verges on Stanmore Lane and other parts of the Stanmore estate are an important and attractive element in the street scene, and it would set a very undesirable precedent to allow an individual householder to cut across the verge in the way that is proposed.

Date 02/02/18 Ref No. PP- 06710747 Case No. 18/00303/FUL
Location Dashwood House, Sleepers Hill, SO22 4ND.
Proposal New 3-storey, 3-bed detached dwelling on the upper garden area behind the existing garage (Mr Ross Brisbane).
Comments The Trust had OBJECTED to a previous application (17/01673/FUL), when it felt that the proposed building, while of an interesting design, was too large for the land available given the number of trees on the site, which would both be affected by and affect (by shading) any new building. We found the same problems with the current proposal which makes few concessions to the cramped site or the character of the neighbourhood.

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