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New Planning Applications April 2017

Date 30/12/16 Ref No. PP-05722901 Case No. 16/03566/HOU
Location 33 St Faiths Road, SO23 9QD.
Proposal Extension to the rear of the property at ground and first floors and conversion of the existing roof space in to a usable loft conversion.(Mr & Mrs McKenzie)
Comments The Trust OBJECTED to the sheer extent of the roof extension and to the incoherence created by having various elements at different levels, which the Trust felt would not sit well with the established vernacular of this important and largely un-spoilt Victorian terrace.

Date 07/02/17 Ref No. PP-05803571 Case No. 17/00336/FUL
Location 15 Chilbolton Avenue , SO22 5HB.
Proposal Demolition of 15 Chilbolton Avenue, and the erection of 12 new residential dwellings, consisting of 10 x two-bedroom apartments and 2 x three-bedroom houses with associated parking and landscaping (Neville Bailey).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED on the grounds that what is proposed it is oppressive, too large for the site and contrary to agreed local design standards. The previously permitted scheme (15/02884/FUL ) was considerably less dense and is preferable.

Date 17/02/17 Ref No. Case No. 17/00456/HOU
Location 1 Greenhill Avenue, SO22 5ED.
Proposal Two storey rear extension (Mr Adrian Lusmore).
Comments The Trust had several concerns here. (a) The roof extension and the rear extension are both inappropriately large for this small house and impact negatively on the street scene. (b) A street visit showed that work is well underway and that the large roof extension has already been built. The roof extension and two storey rear extension were both refused under a previous application (14/02627/FUL) so either the roof extension has been built without planning permission or it is now deemed to be permitted development.

Date 01/02/17 Ref No. PP-05794219 Case No. 17/00286/HOU
Location 30 Cranworth Road, SO22 6SE.
Proposal Single storey rear extension and rear dormer window extension (Mr & Mrs Ruari Maybank).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED as a matter of principle to the additional roof extension (even though it seems to be permitted development) on the grounds that it is taller than the existing rear gable roof line, involves removal of chimneys from this and the adjoining house all in the cause of building of a large box on the roof. It will significantly change the character of the rear of the house and will be visible from the public realm (Hatherley Road)..

Date 22/02/17 Ref No. PP-05778077 Case No. 17/00501/HOU
Location 32 North View, SO22 5EH.
Proposal Dormer to rear. New rooflight to front and existing rooflight enlarged (Mr Nigel Gainsborough).
Comments The Trust OBJECTED to the size and scale of the dormer which, although the proposed to the rear of the house, is high on a hill very visible from a large area of Winchester. While we appreciated the effort to design an interesting modern addition, it is more like an additional floor than a dormer, which, because it is level with the top of the ridge tiles of the roof, would alter the appearance of the roofline as seen from the front. .

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