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PAG Checklist for City of Winchester Trust Viewing Panels

Failure in any respect of 1-3 should be criticised.

1. Are the drawings readily understandable and give enough information about important details?

2. Do the plans show the context of the proposed work?

3. If a shop front, do they show the whole facade?

4. Is the scheme in character with Winchester?

5. Is the work well designed for the context?

6. Is the area covered by a supplementary planning document? (See list at end of Guidelines).

7. Is the property in the Conservation area?

8. Are traditional materials and structural forms used? If not are the new proposals good enough to justify a change?

9. Does the scheme maintain the road frontage?

10. Are there likely adverse effects on immediate neighbours or on the neighbourhood as a whole?

11. Is any demolition involved, and if so, is it justified?

12. Have opportunities been taken to introduce new indigenous trees?

13. Are there any interesting new and well-designed spaces created?

14. Have unnecessary concessions been made for vehicles?

15. Have views of, into, from or over the scheme been considered?

16. Do the panel's comments take account of Trust policies?

Mary Tiles July 2017