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Planning Appeal/Presentation News August 2017


Date 27/02/17 Ref No. PP-05768715 Case No. 17/00233/HOU
Location 93 Wavell Way, SO22 4EG.
Proposal Erection of two storey side extension to replace single storey substandard room and wc. Ground floor lounge and disabled accessible shower room and utility. First floor additional bedroom for elderly disabled parent.
Comments Refused on ground of its negative impact on the street scene and design in the neighbourhood as it is in a very prominent location. The Trust had difficulty assessing the context of the proposal and its likely impact as there was insufficient evidence available at the time of review.

Date 03/07/16 Ref No. PP-06199999 Case No. 17/01742/HOU
Location 75 Middle Brook Street, SO23 8DQ.
Proposal Two storey rear extension.
Comments This was refused on grounds of being out of character with the property and neighbourhood and having a negative impact on neighbour. The Trust had made no comment.



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