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Planning Appeal/Presentation News May 2019


Date 04/12/18 Ref No. PP-07464443 Case No. 18/02775/HOU
Location 15 St Swithun Street, SO23 9JP.
Proposal Rear facing dormer,rear bi-folding doors 1 new roof light to front elevation.
Comments The Trust had objected that the rear facing dormer is very large and out of keeping with the rest of the house. The bifold doors also look clumsy and out of keeping with the scale and character of the house. WCC agreed that the dormer was out of keeping but allowed a very similar subsequent application 18/02775/HOU (to which we also objected and historic environment agreed with us). This application was for a slightly reduced dormer (but it was still substantial). The lodged appeal argues that there is not enough difference between the allowed and refused applications for there to be a substantive difference.

Date 10/05/18 Ref No. PP-06617687 Case No. 17/03194/FUL
Location St Clement's Partnership, Tanner Street, SO23 8AD.
Proposal Change of use from class D1 to class B1(a).
Comments The Trust had declined to comment on thiss lodged appeal. The grounds for refusal were that the proposed development would result in the loss of a local facility, for which there is no confirmed alternative facility within the vicinity. The Appellant claims that there was a commitment made to WCC to retain the surgery until such time as an alternative had been found. WCC and the appellant seem to disagree over the status of this agreement. The argument is lengthy with lots of attached documents.

Date 03/09/18 Ref No. PP-07253372 Case No. 18/02069/HOU
Location 8 Grosvenor Drive, SO23 7HF.
Proposal Works to the front.
Comments This Appeal was dismissed.



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