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Planning Appeal/Presentation News June 2018


Date 31/01/18 Ref No. PP-06706119 Case No. 18/00279/HOU
Location 30 Clifton Road, SO22 5BU.
Proposal Demolition of existing rear extension and addition of new Lower Ground Floor rear extension. Internal alterations, including lowering of Lower Ground Floor level. Adjustment of window size to the First Floor on the rear elevation.
Comments This Appeal has been Dismissed. The main issues were seen to be (a) the effect of the proposal on the character and appearance of the host dwelling and the terrace as a whole, and whether as a consequence the character or appearance of the Winchester Conservation Area would be preserved or enhanced, and (b) the effect on the living conditions for the occupiers of No. 31 Clifton Road as regards outlook. The grounds for dismissal relate to (a) rather than (b) and refer to the fact that the appeal dwelling is in a terrace with a front elevation complemented which has survived with an absence of any significant alterations since its construction in the late C19th. Although unlisted the terrace was thought to make a significant positive contribution to the character and appearance of the conservation area. Furthermore, because it is the architectural integrity of the terrace as a single building it would be difficult in all fairness for the Council to resist other similar proposals in the terrace, and their cumulative effect would incrementally harm the building as a whole and fail to preserve the character and appearance of the conservation area..

Date 14/09/17 Ref No.PP-06385396 Case No. 17/02356/FUL
Location The Corner House, 15 Bereweeke Close, SO22 6AR.
Proposal New two storey, two bedroom house with new access from Bereweeke Road.
Comments This Appeal was Allowed. It was considered that the main issue was the effect of the proposed development on the character and appearance of the area. The Inspector concluded that there would not be a negative impact. We liked the design proposed and did not object.



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