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Planning Appeal/Presentation News August 2017


Date 15/11/16 Ref No. PP-05617159 Case No. 16/03023/HOU
Location 25 Sussex Street, SO23 8TG.
Proposal Against refusal of proposal for part single storey, part two storey rear extension.
Comments The Trust was neutral on this but did note that the proposal required building right up to the boundary with no 27. Loss of light and amenity for 27 were the basic grounds for refusal. This appeal was Dismissed.

Date 06/12/16 Ref No. PP-05676793 Case No. 16/03342/HOU
Location 9 Stanmore Lane, SO22 4AH.
Proposal Single storey side extension (revision of application reference16/01568/FUL) (RESUBMISSION).
Comments In this case we maintained our objection to the earlier proposal. Our grounds for objection were very similar to those given for refusal by WCC, namely unbalancing the symmetry of the street, important in this well designed part of Stanmore, and impact on other residents. This appeal was Allowed.



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