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Planning Appeal/Presentation News Apr 2019


Date 04/06/18 Ref No. Case No. 18/01385/FUL
Location 11 Somers Close, SO22 4EJ.
Proposal Detached 3 bedroom house in garden of 11 Somers Close.
Comments The Trust had objected on grounds of inadequate information. Highways found the application unacceptable for several reasons including inadequate parking. Grounds of appeal amount to a total rejection of WCC claims, including parking policy. 11 Somers Close is already an HMO and the proposed house would be for a similar use. Neighbours object to this citing several issues including inadequate supervision on the existing site. Since our initial objection simply amounted to a request for further information, the Trust has submitted representation supporting WCC's refusal of this application.

No Appeals were Decided



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