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City of Winchester Trust
Summary of the response made by the City of Winchester Trust to the consultation on the draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the Central Winchester Regeneration (CWR) area

The Trust supports the Public Realm Framework Plan which underpins the SPD. The Plan has been commendably informed by all the work and research contained in the Appendices.

There are proposals and statements that are fragile in three areas:-

1. Need for evidence-based information to demonstrate feasibility.
2. Lack of connectivity to the city centre outside the boundary of the CWR area.
3. Need for more robust language to give firmness and clarity to proposals and guidance.


Need for the SPD to comply with proposals for traffic, pedestrian and buses (including the proposed bus hub in Friarsgate), in the Movement Strategy being prepared by the County and City councils.

Land Use

Any town can regenerate its centre with shops, offices and houses. Winchester is not any town.
If a feasible and viable scheme is presented for cultural buildings, priority should be given to these uses.
The findings of the Archaeological Advisory Panel should be fully taken into account in the final version of the SPD.
The proposed quantum of land uses set out in the SPD is not supported by evidence assessing the economic vitality of existing retail and commercial development in the City.

Street market

The street markets proposed for Lower High Street and the Broadway, should be described not as an expansion of the existing street market in the High Street between Jewry Street and Middle Brook Street, but as a replacement.


The SPD should provide guidance for initiating and coordinating development of the CWR area.