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The City of Winchester Trust Ltd



Company Secretary

• Prepare, sign and submit annual and other returns to Companies House and the Charity Commissioners.

• Provide information and advice to the Council on procedures for statutory Trust meetings (AGM, EGMs), elections, voting procedures, terms of office, and agendas.

• Take notes at meetings; prepare minutes for the Chairman’s approval and distribute them when approved.

• Maintain records of all minutes and other records of business transacted at meetings.

General Administration

• Prepare and distribute agendas and associated papers for EGMs and AGMs, meetings of Members, the Finance and Resources Committee, the Agenda Committee and other committees and groups as required.

• Book venues for meetings not held in the Heritage Centre; arrange for the necessary seating, audio-visual equipment and other items required for the meeting.

• Facilitate communication, coordination of activities and the sharing of information between Council members, and other members of groups.

• Action all correspondence received by letter, email, fax or telephone.

• Prepare and despatch letters and other papers on behalf of the Chairman, Hon Treasurer and other members of the Council or the Trust.

• Maintain a filing system to enable the retrieval and perusal of ongoing correspondence and items of historic interest.

• Perform administrative tasks relating to projects and one-off events undertaken by the Trust.

• Arrange for the posting of all mail at the appropriate postage rate.

• Collate and arrange distribution of mailings to members as required.

• Maintain stocks of stationery, computer consumables and other supplies.

• Arrange for the maintenance of office equipment, the alarm system and fire safety equipment.

• Obtain estimates and when approved, let contracts for printing of Trust publications. Oversee printing to meet deadlines.

• Recruit, train and oversee the office cleaner, and other staff and contractors. Provide cleaning materials at Trust’s expense.

• Provide refreshments as appropriate for meetings and for visitors.

Membership Administration

• Process applications for membership.

• Maintain membership database, recording changes in circumstance.

• Collect, pay in and attribute monies paid by members in respect of subscriptions.

• Provide information about members and membership as required by the Chairman, Hon Treasurer or Council.

• Inform members of changes in subscription rates and process subsequent instructions.

Assistance to Treasurer

• Deal with all incoming invoices. Check correctness of invoice and establish Trust authority for accepting liability.

• Prepare cheques, obtain authorised signatures and despatch.

• Record and pay in to the Trust’s bank account all monies received at the office.

• Ensure that cheques are not issued without establishing that funds exist to cover payment.

• Assist Hon Treasurer in the recording of financial transactions.

• Calculate salaries and fees; maintain PAYE records and arrange for payment of monies due to the Inland Revenue and to the Secretary’s pension provider.

Property Administration

• Liaise with the Trust’s Letting Agent and with the tenants. Bring to the attention of other officers of the Trust any problem or complaint that the tenants may have which is within the Trust’s responsibility. Maintain good relations with tenants.

• Take appropriate action to identify, notify and monitor any maintenance or repair to the building which becomes necessary.

• Ensure that the Trust complies with its statutory responsibilities with regard to property.

• Liaise with F&RC on property matters generally, including financial provision for ongoing maintenance, and budget for maintenance.

• Identify any property-related matters that may affect the Trust and draw them to the attention of F&RC as necessary.

At the time of writing (February 2016) the above roles are performed by Janet Wiles and Mollie Francis jointly, except for Membership Administration which is performed by Judith Rich. Janet Wiles is named as Company Secretary in Companies House records, but some of the Company Secretary tasks are occasionally performed on her behalf by Mollie Francis or others. Mollie Francis has the lead on Property Administration.

[Revised March 2016]