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The City of Winchester Trust Ltd



The investment objectives of the Trust are to preserve and enhance the Trustís assets to allow the charity to finance its activities both in the short and longer term.

The majority of the Trustís investments are managed on a non-discretionary basis by Rathbone Investment Management in consultation with representatives of the Trustees, with the Honorary Treasurer as the primary point of contact at the Trust. In addition the Trust also has investments which it manages directly in a number of COIF Charity funds and part of the Trustís leasehold property, the flats at 30 Upper Brook St, Winchester is held for investment purposes, the rental income representing the main element of the Trustís annual income.

The investment objective for the Trustís investments in financial instruments is to achieve a balance between capital growth to secure the Trustís longer term objectives and income generation to provide income, in addition to membership subscriptions, to finance its current charitable activities.

The Trustís policy is to seek to achieve a medium risk profile within its investment portfolio, aiming over time to achieve returns above the rate of inflation, while accepting that a significant exposure to equities will result in fluctuations in the value of the portfolio as the major equity markets fluctuate, as the Trust has the capacity to accept temporary capital losses. The Trustís investments are confined to listed investments and are primarily of a collective nature, in order to achieve diversification, which reduces the risk of permanent capital loss arising from the failure of a particular company or sector.

[Revised March 2016]