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The City of Winchester Trust Ltd



The Chairman is required to:

1. Ensure that the business of the Trust is conducted in furtherance of the objects of the Trust as set out in the Memorandum of Association, and in accordance with the Articles of Association at the time in force (the governing document).

2. Chair the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meetings of the Trust, ensuring that the timing and conduct of the meeting are as required by law and as set out in the governing document.

3. Represent the Trust in its dealings and meetings with local government, amenity groups, professional and sector organisations, developers and others, in order to:

a. gather information;

b. put the Trustís points of view;

c. negotiate the best possible outcome in all matters relating to the objects of the Trust as specified in the governing document.

Inform the Council of the Trust of any planned meetings and contacts and report the outcome of any discussions and communications to the Trust Council.

4. Use written correspondence to individuals and to publications, and press interviews, to achieve the aims of (3) and to promote knowledge and understanding of the Trust and its activities.

5. Chair the Council of the Trust, ensuring that:

a. Matters are brought before the Council, decisions made and recorded;

b. The Council is kept informed about matters relating to the objects of the Trust.

c. Members of the Council keep the Chairman fully informed on matters within their purview.

6. Delegate the tasks mentioned in (3), (4) and (5) to other members of the Council as appropriate, in accordance with the Articles of Association. The Chairman and any Trustee should avoid making any commitments or statements on policy unless these have been agreed by the Council of the Trust. Occasionally the Chairman may be required to express a view on behalf of the Trust on which there is no clear policy, when there is not time to refer the matter to the Trust Council. In such circumstances he should consult such experienced Trustees as are available before expressing a view on behalf of the Trust. He should then report the matter to the next meeting of the Council.

7. Delegate projects and other work to members of the Council or to other active supporters and, with the aid of the Council and the Finance and Resources Committee, oversee progress and achievement.

8. In cooperation and consultation with the Hon Treasurer and through the Finance and Resources Committee, ensure the funds and assets of the Trust are carefully and appropriately managed. Ensure that the Hon Treasurer and the Secretary keep records and submit accounts and other formal returns for the Trust in accordance with legal requirements.

9. The Chairman should not normally authorise unbudgeted expenditure of the Trustís funds without the authority of the Finance and Resources Committee or the Council of the Trust. Occasionally there may be occasions when the commitment of funds has to be made without the authority of the Finance and Resources Committee. In such circumstances, the Chairman should consult and gain the approval of the Hon Treasurer and any other Trustees they consider helpful and then report the commitment to the next meeting of the Finance and Resources Committee or the Trust Council.

10. Encourage an active and continuously renewed membership of the Trust. Ensure that membership details and subscriptions are accurately and timeously recorded, and that other correspondence relating to membership is dealt with appropriately.

11. In carrying out the above responsibilities, actively use the existing structure of the Trust, whereby the Chairman works in partnership with the Vice-Chairmen, other Trustees, and the Secretary to cover all necessary tasks either in person or by delegation. Consult with the Vice-Chairmen on policy and operational matters as appropriate so as to maximise the effective execution of the role and of the Trustís work.

The Role of the Vice Chairmen

1. The primary role of the Vice Chairmen is to assist the Chairman in the performance of his or her primary role.

2. The Vice Chairmen shall understudy the role of the Chairman in the event of the Chairmanís absence for whatever reason.

3. The Vice Chairmen shall undertake such tasks as may be delegated to them by the Chairman in the performance of his or her primary role, and in all matters pertaining to the transactions of the Trustís day-to-day business.

4. The Vice Chairmen should attend the regular agenda meetings.

[Revised March 2016]

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