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The City of Winchester Trust Ltd



It is important to have the right mix of skills and experience among the body of Trustees to ensure CWT can operate effectively in accordance with charity law and in line with Charity Commission guidance.

This guidance should be considered and normally followed when Trustees are recruited to ensure they have the skills and experience needed by CWT and will contribute to the work of CWT.

1. Consider the skills, knowledge and experience of the current Trustees and compare these with those needed by CWT to establish any gaps. As an aid to this a list of possible skills needed by CWT is set out below.

2. CWT has traditionally relied on the personal knowledge and contacts of individual Trustees to recruit new Trustees both from the private and voluntary sector in Winchester including Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council, both former officers and councillors. This has generally worked well.

The Charity Commission recommend considering a more public and wider process such as advertising to find the right skills and increase diversity. Recognising this, CWT should normally use its website to invite applications and also notify the membership through an e alert or through Trust news. CWT could also consider advertising in the local press. Consider also the use of bodies which maintain registers of those who offer their services for voluntary work.

3. Information about CWT and its work will be sent to all applicants and those expressing interest in being a Trustee.

4. An interview of applicants should be arranged with two or three Trustees who will make recommendations to CWT’s Council of Trustees. The interview should cover the following areas:

a. Eligibility to be a Trustee in law;

b. Ensuring there are no serious conflicts of interest;

c. The interest and commitment of the applicant to the work of CWT;

d. Commitment to give time to the work of CWT and identify in which areas a person is willing to participate and take responsibility.

5. CWT council will then be asked to agree to the co-option a new Trustee.

6. A newly co-opted/elected Trustee should be inducted to CWT by one or more Trustees. This should include:

a. Briefing the new Trustee by taking him or her through the Green Book and around the Heritage Centre;

b. Completing the declaration of interests form;

c. Completing a Trustee declaration form.

List of Skills and knowledge

Hard Skills

Charity law and governance

Financial Management


Architecture and Design

Urban Design

Conservation and Heritage

Trafflic and transport

Human resources/People Management

Media and public relations



Information Technology

Income generation including fund raising


Property management

Change management

Monitoring and evaluating performance

Soft Skills

Team working

Problem solving

Independence of thought and judgement

Able to challenge appropriately

Decision making



If further help is needed the Charity Commission and NCVO issue relevant guidance. Current guidance from the Charity Commission include ‘Trustee board: people and skills’ and ‘Finding new Trustees: what charities need to know’.

[Revised March 2016]