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The City of Winchester Trust Ltd



Members of the Trust Council must:

1. Fulfil their statutory responsibilities as Charity Trustees;

2. Not act on behalf of the interests of a political party or any other organisation or person, but confine their actions to the furtherance of the purposes of the Trust as set out in the Memorandum of Association;

3. Declare any interest in accordance with the Conflicts of Interest Policy and comply with the rules and guidelines set out in that policy;

4. At all times conduct their dealings with the Trust with the sole object of furthering the declared aims of the Trust, and avoid any action leading to personal gain or aggrandisement;

5. Not divulge any matter discussed in Council which has been declared confidential by the Chairman;

6. Accept the majority vote of the Council with a good grace or resign from the Council. This does not mean that a member must never again raise the matter, but it should be done with circumspection and in due course, to test whether the views of the majority still hold. The matter should in any case not be put to a vote again for at least twelve months;

7. Play an active role of some kind or be willing to stand down at the next occasion for their re-election, when the Chairman is duty bound to draw the matter to their attention;

8. Attend at least two thirds of the pre-arranged meetings of the Trust Council or offer their resignation.

[Revised March 2016]