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The City of Winchester Trust Ltd




The Trust’s objects are to promote and foster the amenities of the City of Winchester and its surrounding area by seeking to conserve the character of the City by preserving and protecting its buildings, spaces and things and by sponsoring and encouraging rebuilding and redevelopment in accordance with the best architectural standards and the character of the City and surrounding area and for such purposes to acquire, repair, rebuild or sponsor the acquisition, repair or rebuilding of any building, space or thing which is worthy of preservation as being of local, historic or architectural interest; to apply for preservation orders in respect of buildings, trees or otherwise.


To seek to conserve the character of the City of Winchester and its surrounding area by:

• Preserving and protecting its buildings, spaces and artefacts;

• Sponsoring and encouraging new building, redevelopment, landscaping and conservation in accordance with the highest architectural standards;

• Promoting awareness of the above.


The Trust’s primary purpose is to care for the character of our City by influencing decision-makers to keep it as a pleasant place in which to live, work and to visit.


The City of Winchester Trust, formed in 1957 as the Winchester Preservation Trust, is a society concerned with the preservation of the character of Winchester. It monitors new building, renovations, streetscape and landscape within the Wards of Winchester, and includes the most important approaches to the City and its downland setting.

This is achieved by:

• influencing the decisions of the City and County Councils

• examining all planning applications

• attending major meetings of City Council Committees

• making written and spoken comments on plans

• drafting guidelines, briefs and policies for future planning developments

• carrying out our own independent surveys when we have doubts about others

[Revised July 2000]

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