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The City of Winchester Trust Ltd



Procedures and Policies

The Trustees of City of Winchester Trust (Trust Council) agreed in 2015 to review the policies and procedures which guide the Trustees in the management of CWT. This was helped by the Charity Commission updating in July 2015 its guidance for trustees of all charities (The Essential Trustee) in the way they are encouraged and required to manage the charities for which they are responsible. The review was completed in 2016 and the list of documents were agreed by Trust Council in June 2016. These documents have been distributed to all trustees for their own use and guidance.

With the requirement for greater transparency in the way public bodies are governed and run, the Trust Council has decided to place all its governance documents on the web site for all to see.

While most of the documents are revisions of earlier ones, there are three new ones covering areas that have assumed greater significance in recent years. These cover the areas of Risk, Conflicts of Interests as between each trustee and the duty owed to CWT and Recruitment and Induction of trustees.

[July 2016]