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Planning Applications

Some of the most important and influential work of the Trust is in its appraisal of planning applications. The Trust makes carefully considered comments on planning applications taking into account the Planning Policies, the context of the proposal and the effect on its surroundings. To review Planning Applications, the Trust has four Viewing Panels, each with a lay chairman, an architect (normally retired) and two further lay members. The Viewing Panels have written guidelines and check list.

One of the Panels meets each week in the City Planning Office to consider the Planning Applications within the wards of Winchester City and the Panel may also make site visits. The full list of planning applications and the decisions made by the Planning Department are on the Winchester City Council's Website.

The Trust Viewing Panels see between 40 and 60 applications per month, the majority of which are for shop signs, small extensions, conservatories and the like, on which we make no comment. Where we think improvements could be made to the scheme, or it might possibly have a detrimental effect on neighbouring properties, we suggest what might be done to improve it - again, these are usually small relatively uncontroversial proposals. We comment in more detail on the remaining applications, which we feel would have an effect, good or bad, on the immediate area or Winchester as a whole. It is a sad reflection on the standard of design that very few schemes deserve unqualified praise, and consequently most of the applications listed are those to which we have made an objection. The Chairman of the Planning Appraisal Group, Mary Tiles, reports the comments, including any formal objections, to the City Council and, each month to the CWT Council. The monthly reports produced are posted on this website.

The date associated with the applications in the lists on this web site are the dates the application was initially published by Winchester Council Planning Department. The case number is the reference to the application given by Winchester Planning Department. Several of the monthly Planning Reports presented to the Trust Council are shown below.

To explore comments made by the Trust the latest City of Winchester website planning search provides a search facility to find past applications for a property in Winchester and the details include Trust comments.

1st August 2017 Planning Report

During July the Trust reviewed 45 applications, objected to 9, commented on 15, and made no comment on 21.

Additional Application

There is one item on which we have not yet commented on because it was thought that it merited discussion/decision by the Trust Council. It is17/01716/FUL [Comments by: 2 August] Case Officer: Liz Marsden

Winchester Cathedral Enterprises, The Close, Winchester (Mr Phillip Holroyd Smith)
Temporary application for a 5 year period from 2017-2021 inclusive, to site 105 wooden chalets and a covered ice rink in the Inner close and 8 chalets on the Outer Close, behind the War Memorial. The structures are to be on site between October and January, inclusive (precise dates to be agreed on a yearly basis).

This was reviewed by Sue Owers' panel, which thought that a 5 year permission for something of this sort was sensible. We have previously objected to the siting of and the increase in number of chalets in the outer close of the Cathedral. This application offers a new justification for these chalets:

"This year these chalets will be erected on 15 & 16 November, just two days before traders arrive. These chalets are vital to the management of visitors into the main area of the market itself as they assist with controlling the influx of visitors to the Inner Close as people stop to explore them before entering through Curles Passage. This slowing ensures that visitors have a shorter queue time and a more positive experience. Furthermore, the chalets proximity to the Cathedral shop and Refectory help to ensure the market does not “creep” across the Outer Close and a the retail offer is contained to a specific space. The chalets around the war memorial are always removed the day after the market closes, ensuring the area is returned to normal as quickly as possible, and certainly before Christmas itself. Due to the nature of the chalets sitting on the existing stonework, there is no impact to the ground or surrounding area."

Apparently the market had more than 470 thousand visitors last year. The application this year spends a lot of time on how carefully respectful they are of the War Memorial and the West Front and don't impinge on Remembrance Day or Christmas services.

Antony Proudman was apparently very eloquent on the devastating impact on the Inner Close of the Christmas Market and how it is having a knock on effect on the rest of the year – I.e. car parking seems to be an increasing blight - since it is a sea of mud for 3 or 4 months why not allow parking there basically!

Sue said that she thinks we all understand that the Cathedral needs the Market and that the Inner Close needs to be reseeded afterwards which takes months. But, it would be interesting to know exactly how profitable the ice rink is, since that is the major source of blight. On reflection, she agrees with Antony that, the worst impact of the market is the subsequent mess. Maybe that is where we should be concentrating our attention.

Mary Tiles 01/08/17


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5th Sept 2017 Planning Report

During August we reviewed 35 applications, objected to 8, commented on 9, and made no comment on 18. So a quiet holiday month.
The draft of revisions to the PAG guidelines has been posted to the Trust web site and a request for have comments included in the soon to be issued edition of Trust News.
With help from Sue Turner I have drafted a paper (see separate attachment) giving reasons why the City needs an SPD on Student Housing.

Mary Tiles 04/09/17


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2nd October 2017 Planning Report

During September we reviewed 44 applications, objected to 5, commented on 17, and made no comment on 22.
There has been nothing of special note amongst these applications, many of which were for very minor items as can be judged from the number of which we made no comment. We continue to see a large number of roof extensions, some better than others, as well a both single and two storey house extensions. In light of this I have a suggestion to float to the Council about collecting examples of the best and worst recent developments in such categories.
The draft of revisions to the PAG guidelines have been available for comment on the Trust website for the past month and we have not received any requests for modification. In (what I hope are) the final documents circulated I have made changes to accommodate comments from Council members. These concerned the statement of our general policy on the website and the conflict of interest section where John Beveridge assisted with the wording to ensure consistency with other Trust documents.
Gill Collymore will accompany me on the annual City coach tour around recent developments on Friday and I will provide a report next month, which I hope might provide copy for Trust News.

Mary Tiles 02/10/17


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