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Winchester Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral

Welcome to the website of the City of Winchester Trust. The Trust was set up in 1957 as the Winchester Preservation Trust in response to the wholesale destruction of the historic 'Brooks' area of the city. Our current membership is about 750 and our office, archives and lecture room are located at 32 Upper Brook Street, which we have on a 99 year lease from the City Council. The funds of the Trust come from: subscriptions, fund-raising, interest on investments and support from Hampshire County Council.

King Alfred Statue
King Alfred Statue

Winchester is an historic city dating back to the Roman occupation when it was known as ‘Venta Belgarum’. It became the capital of England in pre-conquest times, and has three remaining major medieval institutions: The Cathedral, Winchester College and The Hospital of St Cross. As well as the buildings associated with these institutions there are several other very old buildings such as the Great Hall, Westgate and Wolvesey Palace. It is in the context of these, as part of the city's fine historic heritage, along with more recent architectural assets, that any future developments should be considered.