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City of Winchester Trust Data Management

City of Winchester Trust collects data from stakeholders (members, employees, and volunteers) when they join by using an Application/Consent forms and a Standing Order Mandate for members.

The data is recorded from the forms into a database of stakeholders held by the Trust Secretary. This consists of:-
Membership No. (if appropriate), Title, First Name, Surname, Address, Post Code, Telephone No., Email Address, Joining Date, Gift Aid Date (if appropriate), type of Member (Life, Family, Single, Corporate) (if appropriate), Banked standing Order, amount paid (if appropriate).
Consent for the Trust to communicate with the Member via post, telephone, email or by regular updates through a bulk email service.

This data is held until a stakeholder leaves CWT, when it is deleted from the database. At any time a stakeholder can change their data or consents by contacting the Secretary and also ask for a copy of their data.

Paper Application/Consent forms are archived as proof of the original Application/Consent meeting GDPR requirements. The data is only used for the following activities:-

  • To store it securely for stakeholder purposes.
  • To communicate with you as a CWT staeholder.

Standing Order mandates are sent to the Memberís Bank. Gift Aid forms are held by the Trust Treasurer and the data is used to reclaim Gift Aid from HMRC.

Some of the data held in the database is extracted and used for the following purposes:-

  • To mail hard copies of the TrustNews and the Trust's Annual Report and Accounts. This is done by Council members and does not involve data passing to third parties.
  • To email Stakeholders using a bulk email service.

Existing Stakeholders as at May 2018, have been asked to confirm your consents. This data has been used to update the Membership database and the data has been archived as proof of the consent meeting GDPR requirements. For future Stakeholders consent will be obtained in a revised application form and then added to the Membership database and archived as proof of appropriate consent.

More information is available in the CWT Privacy and Data Protection Policies.

City of Winchester Trust Council
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