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Winchester from Cathedral to Castle

View of High Street looking towards the east
View of High Street looking towards the east

This is a description of the architecture of buildings mainly in the High Street from the Cathedral to the Castle (just beyond the Westgate) in Winchester produced by the Trust in 1986. You can read the individual sections on the Web, see below.




Description part 1

Description part 2


Winchester Town Map click to enlarge
Winchester Town Map Showing the High St highlighted
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(available from Local Studies Section Jewry St. Library)
Winchester 100 years ago by Mrs B. Carpenter Turner 1982
Winchester by Mrs B. Carpenter Turner 1980
History of Winchester Streets by T. Stopher 1895
Report on Winchester Buildings by S. J. Garton 1962
Winchester Street Architecture by T.D. Atkinson 1934
Elizabethan Winchester by T.D. Atkinson 1963
Winchester Seen and Remembered by P. Stevens and D. Dine 1978
History and People Winchester College Archaeology Society

Contributions towards production costs of this booklet have been generously donated by the following:
Coutts & Co., Bankers, 60 61 High Street
Country Casuals Ltd., Ladies' Fashion Retailer. 51 52 High Street
Hampshire Chronicle, Newspaper publishers &printers, 57 High Street
Jaeger & Co. Ltd., Ladies' Fashion Retailer. 88 High Street
Lakeland Sheepskin Centre Ltd.,
Sheepskin garments and woolen goods, 25 High Street
Pearsons, Estate Agents. Surveyors. Auctioneers, Valuers, Walcote House
Peter Lord, Footwear retailers. 114 High Street
Marks and Spencer plc, Store — textiles and foods, 138 High Street
National Westminster Bank plc, Bankers, 105 High Street
H. Samuel plc, Jewellers, 27 High Street


Designed and written by Frank Chippindale RIBA in association with Keith Leaman RIBA.
We gratefully acknowledge information and assistance provided by:

Winchester District Library, Jewry Street. Mrs P. Stevens (Winchester 53909)
Winchester Heritage Centre. Mr G. Swift (Winchester 51664)
Winchester City Archivist. Miss G.A. Rushton (Winchester 63153)
Mid Hampshire Teachers Teachers Centre. Mrs J. Williams (Winchester 62160)


Derek Dine: Front cover and inside pp. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.
Lloyds Bank: High Street, p. 1.


The 1960's scale drawings of the High Street by Keith Walker have been updated by Plincke, Leaman and Browning, architects.

©Winchester Preservation Trust Ltd., 1986

This is the fourth in our ‘Street’ series.
Previous publications, still available in the bookshops or from the Winchester Heritage Centre are:
The High Street, by Keith Walker and Mrs B. Carpenter Turner 1976
Jewry Street by F. Chippindale (1984)
The Square and Great Minster Street by F. Chippindale (1985)

Printed in 1986 by Sarsen Press, Winchester.