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Station Approach : Residents Meetings

The Trust has seen a leaflet from Winchester City Council called Station Approach : Shaping the Future, which contains information we feel our members should know about, in particular public meetings aimed at residents of Winchester, and especially those who live in close proximity to the Station Approach Area. For further information on the Station Approach redevelopment, please visit the Winchester City Council website, Home ---- Planning ---- Major Sites & Projects ---- Station Approach.

The leaflet contains the following information:

How can you help shape the future of Station Approach?

The Council understands that as a local resident you will have ideas and concerns about major development. It wants to involve you at an early stage in shaping the future of Station Approach by finding out what is most important to you about the areas and what your concerns are about how it might affect you. There are no specific questions to answer because it wants you to tell them anything you think is relevant. It might be how you use the area, how it relates to your property, something about car parking, or the design of new buildings. The Council understands that some people might not want development at all and that might be all you want to say, but would very much appreciate it if you could also give thought to the things that you would like to happen if development takes place. The Council does think developing the site is both possible and desirable but it must be done carefully and sensitively.

What happens to my comments?

Having received all the comments people want to make, and also consulted with local land and property owners, the City of Winchester Trust, local businesses and other organisations, the Council will organise a series of community workshop sessions. At the workshops the main issues that people raised will be discussed and the Council will look at how they could be addressed in any development proposals. After that the Council intends to hold a design competition which will invite architectural firms to offer their best suggestions as to how the sites could be developed to meet the requirements of a design brief. The brief itself will be shaped by this consultation process and the feedback you give the Council.

Residentsí meetings

The Council would like to invite you to a workshop to talk about proposals for the Station Approach area and to give you an opportunity to express your ideas and opinions for the development. If you would like to attend one of the sessions below, please email or call 01962 848 488 by 20 February

Please note, priority will be given to those who live in close proximity to the Station Approach area.

Date Time Venue
3 March 7pm Walton Suite, Winchester Guildhall
4 March 7pm Walton Suite, Winchester Guildhall
10 March 7.30pm Walton Suite, Winchester Guildhall
17 March 7pm Walton Suite, Winchester Guildhall

Your views are important

Winchester City Council would like you to think about the following issues:

What considerations should guide the design of new buildings?
How much parking is needed in the Station Approach area and where should it be?
How the look and feel of the area could be improved, for example better pavements or more public art?
How can the area be made more friendly for cyclists and pedestrians?
Where is the best place to locate commercial offices and other facilities?

Please give your comments online at Please return comments by 28 February 2015. If you have any queries or prefer to email the council direct, please