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TrustNews Back Issues 1989

TrustNews is a news sheet giving information about our policies, current issues, and activities.

The contents of the issues in 1989 are listed below and can be read by pressing the appropriate link.


Title Picture February 1989 issue

A Personal View on Preservation February 1989 issue

Three Preservations Matters of Concern February 1989 issue

A Short History of St Peterís Chapel - Now Milner Hall February 1989 issue

Personal Note From Gill Graham February 1989 issue

Obituary - Dr George Swift February 1989 issue

Winchester Heritage Centre February 1989 issue

Urban Studies February 1989 issue

Programme February 1989 issue

Application for Membership February 1989 issue

Title Picture May 1989 issue

Conserving and Enhancing a Cathedral May 1989 issue

City Road - The Need for An Aesthetic Evaluation May 1989 issue

Whiteshute Lane May 1989 issue

Planning Trends in Winchester May 1989 issue

Peninsula Barracks May 1989 issue

Sarum Farm May 1989 issue

Programme May 1989 issue

Application for Membership May 1989 issue

Title Picture August 1989 issue

St. Johnís Charity August 1989 issue

Traffic in Winchester August 1989 issue

The Westgate August 1989 issue

The Chippindale Venture August 1989 issue

Some Problems of Tree Planting in Towns August 1989 issue

Heritage Centre August 1989 issue

The Regimental Museums in Peninsula Barracks August 1989 issue

Programme - 1989/90 August 1989 issue

Membership Application August 1989 issue