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List of Trust News Articles
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Date Title Author Link
Dec-18 Footer 1705
Dec-18 Membership Tessa Robertson 1704
Dec-18 Members visits: What could we do in 2019 Sue Owers & Iain Patton 1703
Dec-18 West Hill Cemetery Drs Mark Allen & Christina Welch 1702
Dec-18 Heritage Open Days John Beveridge 1701
Dec-18 Conservation ...Regeneration Arthur Morgan 1700
Dec-18 WCC District Planning Coach Trip Mary Tiles 1699
Dec-18 Letters Rosemary Poole & Michael Carden 1698
Dec-18 Bristol Housing Federation Clare Kilroy 1697
Dec-18 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1696
Dec-18 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1695
Dec-18 Former Chapel West Hill Cemetery 1694
Sep-18 Footer 1693
Sep-18 Visit to Bransgore and Christchurch Sue Owers 1692
Sep-18 King Alfred Statue 1691
Sep-18 Winchester Movement Strategy Workshop Arthur Morgan & Mary Tiles 1690
Sep-18 Heritage Open Days 1689
Sep-18 Local Plan Review John Beveridge 1688
Sep-18 Civic Voice Design Awards 2018 Arthur Morgan 1687
Sep-18 Welcome to Winchester Futue 50 Michael Carr 1686
Sep-18 GDPR Update Tessa Robertson 1685
Sep-18 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1684
Sep-18 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1683
Sep-18 Reconstructed Cloister Arch 1671
Jun-18 Footer 1682
Jun-18 Clean Air Day 1681
Jun-18 Visit to Mells 1680
Jun-18 Summer Walks 2018 1679
Jun-18 Ray Affield enters the debate Ray Affield 1678
Jun-18 Style and Authenticity Kate Macintosh 1677
Jun-18 GDPR has arrived Barrie Brinkman 1676
Jun-18 Hampshire Paper - Thomas Micklam Editor 1675
Jun-18 Water Close Garden Editor 1674
Jun-18 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1673
Jun-18 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1672
Jun-18 View of Water Close 1671
Mar-18 Footer 1670
Mar-18 Winchester's Water Gdns & its creator Judith Martin 1669
Mar-18 Trust Walks 2018 Paul Williams 1668
Mar-18 Small Visions Caroline York & Chris Pile 1667
Mar-18 Tourist Office Walks Johanna Cruickshank 1666
Mar-18 Trust Visits 2018 Sue Owers & Iain Patton 1665
Mar-18 Style and Authenticity Robert Adams 1664
Mar-18 Winchester Heart of a City Electronic book Sue Owers & Iain Patton 1663
Mar-18 Community Infrastructure Levy 1662
Mar-18 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1661
Mar-18 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1660
Mar-18 View of Water Close 1659
Dec-17 Footer 1658
Dec-17 Have your say 1657
Dec-17 Special Meeting 1656
Dec-17 Winchester's lost Victorian architect Judith Martin 1655
Dec-17 Architectural Authenticity Kate Macintosh 1654
Dec-17 Small Visions Richard Baker 1653
Dec-17 Planning Coach Trip Mary Tiles & Gill Collymore 1652
Dec-17 Trust Walks 2017 Paul Williams 1651
Dec-17 Visits in 2018 Sue Owers & Iain Patton 1650
Dec-17 In Memoriam Michael Carden 1649
Dec-17 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1648
Dec-17 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1647
Dec-17 Trust Chistmas Cards 2017 1646
Sep-17 Footer 1645
Sep-17 Images 1644
Sep-17 Winchester Heritage Open Days Nicky Gottlieb 1643
Sep-17 Winchester and District Traffic Strategy Keith Leaman 1642
Sep-17 Central Winchester Regeneration Arthur Morgan 1641
Sep-17 Architectual Style Robert Adam 1640
Sep-17 Corrections 1639
Sep-17 In Memoriam Michael Carden 1638
Sep-17 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1637
Sep-17 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1636
Sep-17 Central Winchester Regeneration Area 1635
Jul-17 Back Title - Images of Winchester Institutions 1634
Jul-17 Footer 1633
Jul-17 Volunteers Wanted 1632
Jul-17 Heritage Open Days 1631
Jul-17 What do Ilike and dislike about Winchester Mark Byford 1630
Jul-17 Then and Now Phil Yates 1629
Jul-17 Winchester Timeline 1957-2017 Richard Baker 1628
Jul-17 Trust Visit to Bruton Jim Forster 1627
Jul-17 A Small Music Space in Winchester? Caroline & Richard York 1626
Jul-17 Summer Walks Programme 1625
Jul-17 The Royal Gates in the Great Hall Michael Morris 1624
Jul-17 Roger Brown's Model of Victorian Winchester Liz Leask 1623
Jul-17 Local Planning 1957-2017 John Baker 1622
Jul-17 Creating good Townscape is not about 'architectual style' John Baker 1621
Jul-17 Conservation in Winchester Andrew Rutter 1620
Jul-17 Trust's activities & the importance of its Members Shione Carden 1619
Jul-17 History & Philosophy of the Trust Michael Carden 1618
Jul-17 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1617
Jul-17 From the Chairman Keith Leaman 1616
Jul-17 Title - Images of Winchester 1615
Mar-17 Footer 1614
Mar-17 Organisation 1613
Mar-17 Exclusive City of Winchester Trust cards & prints 1612
Mar-17 Letters 1611
Mar-17 A nostalgic climb Phil Yates 1610
Mar-17 Personal thoughts about design & urban regeneration Michael Carden 1609
Mar-17 Summer Walks 2017 1608
Mar-17 Trust Visits 2017 Sue Owers & Iain Patton 1607
Mar-17 Central Area Regeneration Ray Attfield 1606
Mar-17 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1605
Mar-17 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1604
Mar-17 View of the Bus Station print Andrew Rutter 1603
Dec-16 Footer 1602
Dec-16 Organisation 1601
Dec-16 New Members 1600
Dec-16 A real mixture Phil Yates 1599
Dec-16 Walks Programme 2016 Paul Williams 1598
Dec-16 Some personal thoughts on architectual style Michael Carden 1597
Dec-16 Station Approach so far Barrie Brinkman 1596
Dec-16 Annual WCC Planning District Coach Tour Arthur Morgan & Mary Tiles 1595
Dec-16 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1594
Dec-16 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1593
Dec-16 Old Winchester Traffic Jam Photo 1592
Sep-16 Footer 1591
Sep-16 Letter - Graham Winyard 1590
Sep-16 Membership 1589
Sep-16 Lets go to the Pictures Phil Yates 1588
Sep-16 Is the planning system working ? Mary Tiles 1587
Sep-16 Trust visit: Sherborne Castle & Abbey Arthur Morgan 1586
Sep-16 Trust visit: 2017 Iain Patton 1585
Sep-16 Trust visit: West Dean Gardens & Goodwood House Carol Orchard 1584
Sep-16 Robin Freeman Keith Leaman 1583
Sep-16 In Conversation with Lloyd Grossman Nicky Gottlieb 1582
Sep-16 Heritage Open Day, 8-11 September 2016 Keith Leaman 1581
Sep-16 Bar End & the Leisure Centre - a rough guide Michael Carden 1580
Sep-16 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1579
Sep-16 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1578
Sep-16 Corn Exchange 1902 Photo 1577
Jun-16 Footer 1576
Jun-16 Membership 1575
Jun-16 Heritage Open Days & Winchester, 8-11 September Nicky Gottlieb 1574
Jun-16 Andrew Rutter and John Bulford Exhibition 1573
Jun-16 Who cares? You care Richard Baker 1572
Jun-16 What is in a name? Phil Yates 1571
Jun-16 Summer Walks 2016 1570
Jun-16 Trust visit to the Watts Gallery, Tuesday 12th April Linda Lacey 1569
Jun-16 Open House London - 17/18 September 2016 Sue Owers 1568
Jun-16 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1567
Jun-16 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1566
Jun-16 Westgate View Photo 1565
Mar-16 Footer 1564
Mar-16 Visit to the Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey Iain Patton 1563
Mar-16 What’s in a name? Phil Yates 1562
Mar-16 Outing to Sherborne Sue Owers 1561
Mar-16 Outing to West Dean Gardens & Goodwood Hse 1560
Mar-16 Organisation 1559
Mar-16 National Trust Free Day Passes 1558
Mar-16 Summmer Walks 2016 Paul Rockliffe-Williams 1557
Mar-16 Barrie Brinkman 1556
Mar-16 Who cares ? Richard Baker 1555
Mar-16 The essence of the Trust Michael Carden 1554
Mar-16 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1553
Mar-16 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1552
Mar-16 Cathedral Green Photo 1551
Dec-15 Footer 1550
Dec-15 Organisation 1549
Dec-15 Membership 1548
Dec-15 Keith Egleston MBE,J.P. 1547
Dec-15 Chris Webb Phil Yates 1546
Dec-15 Christmas is coming 1545
Dec-15 Festive Memories Phil Yates 1544
Dec-15 Forthcoming Events Sue Owers & Iain Patton 1543
Dec-15 Design Awards 2015 1542
Dec-15 Social Housing - an update Judith Martin 1541
Dec-15 Planning Appraisal Group Mary Tiles 1540
Dec-15 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1539
Dec-15 Westgate Water Colour 1538
Sep-15 Footer 1537
Sep-15 Winchester Heritage Open Day 1536
Sep-15 Design Awards 2015 1535
Sep-15 Summer Walks Paul Williams 1534
Sep-15 Visit to Spitalfields Sue Owers 1533
Sep-15 Visit to Bletchley 25th June Chris Higgins 1532
Sep-15 Beyond the City Boundary Phil Yates 1531
Sep-15 Social Housing Judith Martin 1530
Sep-15 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1529
Sep-15 Some thoughts on housing Keith Leaman 1528
Sep-15 Winchester Housing 1527
Jun-15 Footer 1526
Jun-15 Organisation 1525
Jun-15 Membership 1524
Jun-15 Roger Brown, 30th August - 14th April 2015 1523
Jun-15 The Historic Towns Forum 1522
Jun-15 The High Street of the 1930s Phil Yates 1521
Jun-15 Summer Walks 2015 1520
Jun-15 Annual General Meeting 1519
Jun-15 What does the future look like? 1518
Jun-15 PLACE: Shaping for a better quality of life Arthur Morgan 1517
Jun-15 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1516
Jun-15 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1515
Jun-15 Keith Kaines Butcher - High Street 1930s 1514
Mar-15 Footer 1513
Mar-15 Membership 1512
Mar-15 Longford Castle 1511
Mar-15 Design Awards 2015 1510
Mar-15 Morn Hill Camp Tony Downland 1509
Mar-15 War Memorials & the centenary of the first World War Sue Owers 1508
Mar-15 Future Outings 1507
Mar-15 Summer Walks 2015 1506
Mar-15 Commerative Trees Prue Skinner 1505
Mar-15 Silver Hill Summary Keith Leaman 1504
Mar-15 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1503
Mar-15 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1502
Mar-15 Commerative trees at Barton Farm 1501
Dec-14 Footer 1456
Dec-14 Organisation 1455
Dec-14 Christmas is coming 1454
Dec-14 Membership 1453
Dec-14 The Model of Victorian Winchester Michael Carden 1452
Dec-14 The Status of heritage towns Michael Carden 1451
Dec-14 Letter to the Editor Alan Waters 1450
Dec-14 English Heritage New Model 1449
Dec-14 Trust's Visit to Longford Castle Susie & James Long 1448
Dec-14 A Survey of Trees with Plaques in Winchester Margaret Barber 1447
Dec-14 Winchester Local Plan Presentation 1446
Dec-14 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1445
Dec-14 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1444
Dec-14 Christmas Cards 2014 1443
Sep-14 Footer Patrick Davies 1442
Sep-14 Is this Winchester? 1441
Sep-14 Membership 1440
Sep-14 Book prompts brewery tour Phil Yates 1439
Sep-14 The St Catherine's Hill Mizmaze Michael Carden 1438
Sep-14 Trust visit to Chichester Nick McPherson 1437
Sep-14 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1436
Sep-14 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1435
Sep-14 Garden Picture 1434
Jun-14 Footer 1433
Jun-14 Open Gardens 2014 1432
Jun-14 Membership 1431
Jun-14 Worthy Park House 1430
Jun-14 Trust Visits 1429
Jun-14 Summer Walks Programme 2014 John Beveridge 1428
Jun-14 Summer Walks 2014 John Beveridge 1427
Jun-14 Where next on the Local Plan for Winchester Town area? Patrick Davies 1426
Jun-14 English Heritage New Model Michael Carden 1425
Jun-14 Organisation 1424
Jun-14 A contrast in histories: the Trust visit to Farnborough Antony Proudman 1423
Jun-14 CWT and Civic Voice 1422
Jun-14 A Winchester Street Scene? Martin Biddle 1421
Jun-14 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1420
Jun-14 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1419
Jun-14 Is this Winchester? Picture 1418
Mar-14 Footer 1417
Mar-14 St Elizabeth's College Dick Selwood 1416
Mar-14 All Hands to the Pump! 1415
Mar-14 Work on the Heritage Centre Mollie Francis 1414
Mar-14 Nicholas Bourne Michael Carden 1413
Mar-14 Winchester Archaeology and Local History 1412
Mar-14 Time Gentlemen Please! 1411
Mar-14 Visit to Highgrove Garden Penny Patton 1410
Mar-14 Forthcoming Visits Iain Patton 1409
Mar-14 Open Gardens 2014 1408
Mar-14 Summer Walks Programme 2014 John Beveridge 1407
Mar-14 Summer Walks 2014 John Beveridge 1406
Mar-14 Fit for the future : deveolping the Trust's communications 1405
Mar-14 Silverhill Exhibition Michael Carden 1404
Mar-14 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1403
Mar-14 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1402
Mar-14 Winchester station area Picture 1401
Dec-13 Footer 1360
Dec-13 Winchester Old City Young Views book 1359
Dec-13 Reception for new members 1358
Dec-13 Membership Richard Baker 1357
Dec-13 Foundations of St Cross Dick Selwood 1356
Dec-13 Organisation 1355
Dec-13 Trust Christmas Cards 1354
Sep-13 City Council tour of recent developments 1353
Dec-13 Visits planned for 2014 Iain Patton 1352
Dec-13 Policy Group Patric Davies 1351
Dec-13 Trust Design Awartds 2013 1350
Dec-13 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1349
Dec-13 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1348
Dec-13 Old City Young Views prizewinners Picture 1347
Sep-13 Footer 1346
Sep-13 Answer 1345
Sep-13 City of Winchester Design Awards 1344
Sep-13 Membership 1343
Sep-13 Winchester Old City Young Views Richard Baker 1342
Sep-13 Organisation 1341
Sep-13 Summer Walks John Beveridge 1340
Sep-13 Civic Voice Activities John Beveridge 1339
Sep-13 Sir Colin Stansfield Smith Michael Morris 1338
Sep-13 Reciprocal Visits Iain Patton 1337
Sep-13 Barton Farm and the Station area Michael Carden 1336
Sep-13 Local Listing Judith Martin 1335
Sep-13 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1334
Sep-13 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1333
Sep-13 Essence of Winchester Picture 1332
Jun-13 Footer 1331
Jun-13 Membership 1330
Jun-13 Time Gentlemen, Please third edition 1329
Jun-13 Trust Design Awards 2013 1328
Jun-13 Summer Walks Programme 2013 John Beveridge 1327
Jun-13 Organisation 1326
Jun-13 Winchester Festival 2013 1325
Jun-13 Activities for members Iain Patton 1324
Jun-13 Feedback from the 2020 Group Michael Carden 1323
Jun-13 Civic Voice John Beveridge 1322
Jun-13 Winchester Local Plan - What next? Patrick Davies 1321
Jun-13 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1320
Jun-13 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1319
Jun-13 Painted Advertisment Picture 1318
Mar-13 Footer 1317
Mar-13 Useful Websites 1316
Mar-13 Trust Members visits Iain Patton 1315
Mar-13 Winchester Station Area: A Framework for the future 1314
Mar-13 An Action Plan for the Station Area David Aske 1313
Mar-13 Planning Reform - a meeting with Steve Brine Michael Carden 1312
Mar-13 Winchester Local Plan 1311
Mar-13 Schools illustrated poetry/prose Project 1310
Mar-13 Civic Voice 1309
Mar-13 Organisation 1308
Mar-13 Membership 1307
Mar-13 Summer Walks Programme 2013 John Beveridge 1306
Mar-13 Trust Design Awards 2013 1305
Mar-13 Barton Farm - Update Michael Carden 1304
Mar-13 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1303
Mar-13 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1302
Mar-13 Winchester station area Picture 1301
Dec-12 Footer 1265
Dec-12 Membership 1264
Dec-12 Winchester Business Improvement District (BID) refuse collection project 1263
Dec-12 Hyde: From Dissolution to Victorian Suburb, Book Review Iain Patton 1262
Dec-12 Poetry Keith Leaman 1261
Dec-12 Trust Christmas Cards 1260
Dec-12 New footbridge & lifts at Winchester Railway Station 1259
Dec-12 Civic Voice AGM 1258
Dec-12 Barton Farm approved. What happens now? 1257
Dec-12 The City Council's Local Plan - Update Patrick Davies 1256
Dec-12 The Morgan Car Factory - part of our heritage Keith Leaman 1255
Dec-12 Trust Visit to Malvern Elizabeth Proudman 1254
Dec-12 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1253
Dec-12 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1252
Dec-12 Trust's Christmas Cards Picture 1251
Sep-12 Email Address 1250
Sep-12 City of Winchester part-time Secretary 1249
Sep-12 Organisation 1248
Sep-12 Trust Visit to Malvern 1247
Sep-12 New Members 1246
Sep-12 Open Gardens 2012 Iain Patton 1245
Sep-12 Greener Travel Gathering - WinACC 1244
Sep-12 Are you up for the challenge? 1243
Sep-12 Trust Visit to Portsmouth:16th July 2012 1242
Sep-12 The Winchester Studies Jock Macdonald M A Vice Chairman Winchester Excavations 1241
Sep-12 Trust's new President 1240
Sep-12 Robin Beckford Merton 1239
Sep-12 Planning Winchester's future - Where are we now? 1238
Sep-12 News from Civic Voice 1237
Sep-12 Planning Appraisal Group John Beveridge 1236
Sep-12 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1235
Sep-12 Trust Visit to Portsmouth Picture 1234
Jun-12 Portsmouth Visit 1233
Jun-12 Malvern Visit 1232
Jun-12 Open Gardens 2012 1231
Jun-12 Useful Websites 1230
Jun-12 New Members 1229
Jun-12 Winchester College Water Gardens 1228
Jun-12 Organisation 1227
Jun-12 Summer Walks 2012 John Beveridge 1226
Jun-12 Visits for Trust Members 1225
Jun-12 The Vision for Winchester Town 1224
Jun-12 Visit to Guildford 17th April 2012 Peter Eagling 1223
Jun-12 The Black Swan Keith Leaman 1222
Jun-12 Hockley Viaduct 1221
Jun-12 Bushfield Down 1220
Jun-12 Civic Pride Survey John Beveridge 1219
Jun-12 Planning Appraisal Group 1218
Jun-12 Chairman's Jottings Keith Leaman 1217
Jun-12 Hockley Viaduct Picture 1216
Mar-12 Organisation 1215
Mar-12 Winchester Market 1214
Mar-12 Winter Talks 1213
Mar-12 Summer Walks 2012 John Beveridge 1212
Mar-12 Open Gardens 2012-Sundays, 17th & 24th June Penny Patton 1211
Mar-12 New Members Judith Rich O.B.E. 1210
Mar-12 Programme of Vists 1209
Mar-12 Winchester and its Setting 1208
Mar-12 The future of Bushfield Down Patrick Davies 1207
Mar-12 Partnership with WinACC on Home Energy Project 1206
Mar-12 Georgian Architecture in British Isles 1714-1830 1205
Mar-12 Sixty trees for the Diamond Jubilee 1204
Mar-12 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1203
Mar-12 Chairman's Miscellany Keith Leaman 1202
Mar-12 Garrison Mews Picture 1201
Dec-11 Email Address 1157
Dec-11 Christmas Cards 1156
Dec-11 Organisation 1155
Dec-11 Civic Voice AGM Sheffield Oct 20th 1154
Dec-11 Programme of Visits for 2012 1153
Dec-11 Visit to Energy Recovery Facility - Marchwood Andrew Scott 1152
Dec-11 Consultation on National Planning Policy Framework John Beveridge 1151
Dec-11 Current Planning Issues Patrick Davies, Chair, Policy Group 1150
Dec-11 Winter Talks - Minding your business 1149
Dec-11 Partnership Projects - 2020 Group Michael Carden 1148
Dec-11 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1147
Dec-11 Chairman's Miscellany Keith Leaman 1146
Dec-11 Have Aliens Landed Photo 1145
Sep-11 Clearly Obscure' - Talk by Tracey Sheppard FGE 1144
Sep-11 Wanted! 1143
Sep-11 Too much paper Computer Literate 1142
Sep-11 King James Bible Quartercentennial Exhibition 1141
Sep-11 Organisation 1140
Sep-11 Useful websites: 1139
Sep-11 New Members 1138
Sep-11 Cluttering up our streets 1137
Sep-11 Recycling and Energy Recovery 1136
Sep-11 Summer Evening Walks Programme 2011 John Beveridge 1135
Sep-11 Saving Historic Buildings Michael Carden 1134
Sep-11 Place to Place Gill Collymore 1133
Sep-11 Finding the Heart of the City Sharon Watson 1132
Sep-11 Planning Winchester's Future Patrick Davies 1131
Sep-11 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1130
Sep-11 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 1129
Sep-11 Grove Place Photo 1128
Jun-11 From Place to Place Application Form 1127
Jun-11 Brass in the Garden 1126
Jun-11 King James Bible Exhibition at Winchester College 1125
Jun-11 Trust Visit Keith Leaman 1124
Jun-11 Organisation 1123
Jun-11 Summer Evening Walks 2011 John Beveridge 1122
Jun-11 Blueprint Briefing - Interim update, May 2011 Michael Carden 1121
Jun-11 Andover's answer to BedZed Judith Martin 1120
Jun-11 Annual Subscriptions 1119
Jun-11 From Place to Place Antony Proudman 1118
Jun-11 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1117
Jun-11 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 1116
Jun-11 Barton Farm Photo 1115
Mar-11 New Members 1114
Mar-11 What a load of Rubbish 1113
Mar-11 Useful Websites 1112
Mar-11 Organisation 1111
Mar-11 We must save this model! 1110
Mar-11 Events 2011 1109
Mar-11 Summer Evening Walks 2011 John Beveridge 1108
Mar-11 The Square 1107
Mar-11 Itchen Navigation Project Mary Parker 1106
Mar-11 Heart of the City Awards! 1105
Mar-11 Barton Farm Public Inquiry 1104
Mar-11 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1103
Mar-11 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 1102
Mar-11 Heart of the City Advertisnment 1101
Dec-10 Trust's Christmas Cards 1061
Dec-10 Winter Talks 1060
Dec-10 New Members 1059
Dec-10 Email Address 1058
Dec-10 Wanted ! 1057
Dec-10 Organisation 1056
Dec-10 Look Up! Winchester 1055
Dec-10 First AGM of Civic Voice John Beveridge 1054
Dec-10 Review of the 2010 Summer Walks Programme John Beveridge 1053
Dec-10 Phil Yates 1052
Dec-10 The Corner Shop Phil Yates 1051
Dec-10 City of Winchester Trust Design Awards 2010 Chris Higgins 1050
Dec-10 Winchester Town Access Plan 1049
Dec-10 Blueprint 1048
Dec-10 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1047
Dec-10 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 1046
Dec-10 Picture of Advert for Design Awards 1045
Sep-10 Open Gardens Day on 20th June John Pilkington 1044
Sep-10 Southern Comfort Michael Carden 1043
Sep-10 City of Winchester Trust Design Awards 2010 Chris Higgins 1042
Sep-10 Winchester 2020 Michael Carden 1041
Sep-10 Summer/Autumn Walks 2010 1040
Sep-10 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1039
Sep-10 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 1038
Sep-10 Picture View of Winchester Cathedral 1037
Jun-10 BOOK SALE 1036
Jun-10 WANTED ! 1035
Jun-10 Too much paper Computer literate 1034
Jun-10 Membership Renewals 1033
Jun-10 Annual General Meeting 1032
Jun-10 New Members 1031
Jun-10 Trust Open Gardens Day 20th June 1030
Jun-10 Organisation 1029
Jun-10 Rubbish Bins 1028
Jun-10 New Street Lighting for Winchester 1027
Jun-10 Images from the Archives 1026
Jun-10 Summer Walks 10 1025
Jun-10 Planning Bureaucracy 1024
Jun-10 Civic Voice 1023
Jun-10 The Hon Sir Peter Ramsbotham GCMG GCVO DL 1022
Jun-10 24 Hours to Save Winchester Michael Carden 1021
Jun-10 The City of Winchester Trust Awards 1020
Jun-10 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1019
Jun-10 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 1018
Jun-10 Picture View from St Giles Hill 1017
Mar-10 New Members 1016
Mar-10 Chippindale Venture A Unique Environmental Education Project Peter Rees 1015
Mar-10 Trust Open Gardens Day, Sunday 20th June 1014
Mar-10 Civic Voice replaces Civic Trust Michael Carden 1013
Mar-10 Book Review Professor Sir Colin Stansfield-Smith 1012
Mar-10 Winter Talks 2010 1011
Mar-10 Summer Walks 2010 1010
Mar-10 What now for Silver Hill Patrick Davies 1009
Mar-10 Where has our pride gone 1008
Mar-10 Hyde 900 1007
Mar-10 West Hill Cemetery   Robin Merton 1006
Mar-10 Barton Farm Development Shione Carden 1005
Mar-10 Obituary Gill Graham 1004
Mar-10 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 1003
Mar-10 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 1002
Mar-10 Picture The Chippindale Venture 1988 1001
Dec-09 New Members 0963
Dec-09 Organisation 0962
Dec-09 Andrew Rutter’s Winchester - Heart of a City Keith Leaman 0961
Dec-09 Trust Website 0960
Dec-09 Building a low carbon Winchester… Robert Hutchinson 0959
Dec-09 Open Gardens 2010 0958
Dec-09 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0957
Dec-09 Book Review - Living Buildings. Architectural Conservation Andrew Rutter 0956
Dec-09 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0955
Dec-09 Picture Chair Iain Patton & President Christopher Clark QC 0954
Aug-09 Subscriptions 0953
Aug-09 WANTED! 0952
Aug-09 Too much Paper Silver Surfer Computer literate 0951
Aug-09 Website 0950
Aug-09 New Members 0949
Aug-09 Jargon Buster 0948
Aug-09 Electronic Mail 0947
Aug-09 St Faith's Parish Graveyard  John Pringle 0946
Aug-09 The Civic Trust is dead; long live a civic trust 0945
Aug-09 Letter to the Editor Chris Webb 0944
Aug-09 Letter to the Editor J.W. Forster 0943
Aug-09 Repaving of Winchester High Street 0942
Aug-09 Winchester Walks and Winter Talks 0941
Aug-09 Trustees 2008/9 0940
Aug-09 Winchester, Heart of a City by Andrew Rutter Keith Leaman RIBA Editor 0939
Aug-09 Trust Outing to Roche Court and Farley J.W. Forster 0938
Aug-09 Did You Know 0937
Aug-09 Planning Updates 0936
Aug-09 Trust People - Barrie Brinkman, Master of Website 0935
Aug-09 AGM Speaker 0934
Aug-09 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0933
Aug-09 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0932
Aug-09 Picture of Winchester High Street 0931
Jun-09 Website 0930
Jun-09 Electronic Mail 0929
Jun-09 New Members 0928
Jun-09 The Pump House, Garnier Road 0927
Jun-09 Summer Evening Walks 2009 0926
Jun-09 Winchester College Development 0925
Jun-09 Learning from Brighton 0924
Jun-09 Trustees 2008/9 0923
Jun-09 Bookbinding 0922
Jun-09 The Civic Trust 0921
Jun-09 Letter re Barton Farm and Bushfield Camp 0920
Jun-09 Obituary Jeffrey Smith 0919
Jun-09 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0918
Jun-09 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0917
Jun-09 Picture of Barton Farm 0916
Mar-09 Receive TrustNews by Email 0915
Mar-09 Winter Talks — Uncovering & Presenting Win’s Past 0914
Mar-09 Something to look forward to 0913
Mar-09 Alternative Energy Sources 0912
Mar-09 Christmas Card - Report 0911
Mar-09 Interesting Photos 0910
Mar-09 Trustees 2008/9 0909
Mar-09 20’s Plenty for 2009 0908
Mar-09 Trust People - Nick Hirst, keeper of Trust Archives 0907
Mar-09 Summer Evening Walks 2009 0906
Mar-09 Winchester: Heart of a City 0905
Mar-09 David Seton Middleditch 0904
Mar-09 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0903
Mar-09 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0902
Mar-09 Picture of Bushfield Down 0901
Dec-08 Where am I Answers 0849
Dec-08 Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC) 0848
Dec-08 For Your Diary 0847
Dec-08 New Members 0846
Dec-08 Where am I 0845
Dec-08 Trustees 2007/8 0844
Dec-08 Auction of 2 VIP tours to Highgrove Gardens 0843
Dec-08 Summer Walks 2008 - Review  Chris Pile 0842
Dec-08 Living Buildings Donald Insall 0841
Dec-08 Traffic and transport 0840
Dec-08 Visit Poundbury   Anthony Proudman 0839
Dec-08 Trust People - Dr Vicky Feldwick 0838
Dec-08 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0837
Dec-08 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0836
Dec-08 Title Picture Hyde Abbey Gate 0835
Sep-08 Electronic Mail 0834
Sep-08 Events 2008 0833
Sep-08 New Members 0832
Sep-08 Trusteees 2007/8 0831
Sep-08 The Trust and major issues affecting the City Michael Carden 0830
Sep-08 Annual General Meeting 2008 0829
Sep-08 Trust and Climate Change 0828
Sep-08 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0827
Sep-08 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0826
Sep-08 Title Picture from Cathedral Tower 0825
Jun-08 Visit to Poundbury 0824
Jun-08 Subscriptions 0823
Jun-08 Winter Talks Review  Chris Pile 0822
Jun-08 Trustees 2007/8 0821
Jun-08 Summer Walks 2008 0820
Jun-08 Ashburton Court David Marklew 0819
Jun-08 ROMANCE in the Upper HIgh Street 0818
Jun-08 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0817
Jun-08 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0816
Mar-08 New Members 0815
Mar-08 The Soke 0814
Mar-08 Electronic Mail 0813
Mar-08 Trustees 2007/8 0812
Mar-08 A success story Phil Yates 0811
Mar-08 Hockley Viaduct  Julia Sandison 0810
Mar-08 Winchester calling David Marklew 0809
Mar-08 Talks and Walks  Chris Pile 0808
Mar-08 Not Wasted! 0807
Mar-08 Summer Walks 2007 - Review  Chris Pile 0806
Mar-08 A cultural seascape on the World Heritage list Celia Clark 0805
Mar-08 Policy Group Report Patrick Davies 0804
Mar-08 Memories of Patricia Edwards 0803
Mar-08 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0802
Mar-08 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0801
Dec-07 Wanted! 0746
Dec-07 New Members 0745
Dec-07 Vist Our Website 0744
Dec-07 Christmas Closure 0743
Dec-07 Trust Christmas Cards 0742
Dec-07 Trustees 2007/8 0741
Dec-07 Winter Talks 2008 0740
Dec-07 Traffic Matters David Marklew 0739
Dec-07 Design Awards 2007 0738
Dec-07 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0737
Dec-07 Chairman's Miscellany Iain Patton 0736
Sep-07 New Members 0735
Sep-07 Oxford Visit 0734
Sep-07 Annual General Meeting 0733
Sep-07 WANTED! 0732
Sep-07 Winchester A Fine City Jeffrey Smith FRICS 0731
Sep-07 Winchester Excavations and Winchester Studies Martin Biddle 0730
Sep-07 Motorway Madness David Marklew 0729
Sep-07 Winchester's Street Scene Robin Merton 0728
Sep-07 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0727
Sep-07 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0726
Jun-07 Dates for your diary 0725
Jun-07 New Members 0724
Jun-07 Time Gentlemen Please! 0723
Jun-07 A timely reminder 0722
Jun-07 Hyde Abbey Gardens 0721
Jun-07 50th Anniversary Reception 0720
Jun-07 Summer Walks 2007 0719
Jun-07 "A tremendous and irreplaceable asset" Michael Carden MBE 0718
Jun-07 Planning Appraisal Review David Marklew 0717
Jun-07 Blurred Vision Harvey Cole 0716
Jun-07 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0715
Jun-07 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0714
Mar-07 Dates for Your Diary 0713
Mar-07 Hockley Viaduct 0712
Mar-07 Electronic Email 0711
Mar-07 New Members 0710
Mar-07 A Home for King Alfred Buses 0709
Mar-07 The Black Swan - A story of our time Chris Webb 0708
Mar-07 Snapshots of Winchester 0707
Mar-07 City of Winchester Trust Design Awards Norman Roberts 0706
Mar-07 The English Centre at Winchester Prof Christopher Mulvey 0705
Mar-07 How free are planning councillors Harvey Cole Patrick Davis 0704
Mar-07 A Winchester treasure: Warden White's ceiling Robin Merton 0703
Mar-07 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0702
Mar-07 Chairman's Miscellany   Patricia Edwards 0701
Dec-06 Thoughts from a new Trustee David Marklew 0626
Dec-06 Silver Hill and Northington David Brock 0625
Dec-06 Southern Comfort   0624
Dec-06 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0623
Dec-06 The Trust's 50th Birthday Iain Patton 0622
Dec-06 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0621
Sep-06 Reinstatement at Last 0620
Sep-06 Lack of Civic Pride Chris Webb 0619
Sep-06 Publications Nick McPherson 0618
Sep-06 Diary Dates 0617
Sep-06 Electronic Mail 0616
Sep-06 Summer Walks 2006 0615
Sep-06 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0614
Sep-06 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0613
Jun-06 Civic Trust 0612
Jun-06 Cittaslow Kate Macintosh 0611
Jun-06 Silver Hill Renaissance Keith Leaman 0610
Jun-06 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0609
Jun-06 Apologies 0608
Jun-06 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0607
Mar-06 Gorilla on the Lipstick 1 Huw Thomas 0606
Mar-06 New Library and Cultural Centre Desmond Clarke 0605
Mar-06 Winchester City Guides Elizabeth Proudman 0604
Mar-06 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0603
Mar-06 Winchester Local Plan Review 0602
Mar-06 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0601
Dec-05 The Chesil Rectory 0530
Dec-05 To the Pullers-down 0529
Dec-05 Sumer Walks 2005 Nick McPherson 0528
Dec-05 Bushfield Down Robin Merton 0527
Dec-05 Transportation and the historic public realm   Iain Patton 0526
Dec-05 After Ludlow Judith Martin 0525
Dec-05 Planning Appraisal Group  Shione Carden 0524
Dec-05 Streets Ahead   Ben Hamilton-Baillie 0523
Dec-05 Website up and running   Antony Skinner 0522
Dec-05 Chairman's Miscellany   Patricia Edwards 0521
Sep-05 Lipstick on the Gorilla 5 Huw Thomas 0520
Sep-05 Cittaslow update Kate Macintosh 0519
Sep-05 The Late Mrs Barbara Thackeray 0518
Sep-05 Photos of Winchester 1977-2000 Gill Rushton 0517
Sep-05 Planning Appraisal Group Shione Carden 0516
Sep-05 South East Plan: Housing 0515
Sep-05 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0514
Jun-05 Home for Roger Brown's Model 0513
Jun-05 Preservation of Treed Areas Antony Skinner 0512
Jun-05 Impact of University on Winchester  Chris Higgins 0511
Jun-05 Work for good design in the City 0510
Jun-05 Planning Appraisal Group  Shione Carden 0509
Jun-05 Coming Events 0508
Jun-05 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0507
Feb-05 Design Awards Sally Patience 0506
Feb-05 Consultation on the South East Plan  Harvey Cole 0505
Feb-05 The Winchester Studies Chris Webb 0504
Feb-05 Planning Appraisal Group   Shione Carden 0503
Feb-05 City's Vision for Winchester Antony Proudman 0502
Feb-05 Chairman's Miscellany   Patricia Edwards 0501
Dec-04 New Wine in Old Bottles 0425
Dec-04 Images of England David Marklew 0424
Dec-04 Winchester :Small and Dynamic Antony Proudman 0423
Dec-04 Summer 2004 Walks Nick McPherson 0422
Dec-04 Planning Appraisal Group   Shione Carden 0421
Dec-04 Cittaslow   Judith Martin 0420
Dec-04 Chairman's Miscellany Patricia Edwards 0419
Sep-04 Lipstick on the Gorilla 3 Huw Thomas 0418
Sep-04 Time for Building Conservation Legislation Michael Carden 0417
Sep-04 Why we need a vision for Winchester 0416
Sep-04 Development Control   Shione Carden 0415
Jun-04 The Roger Brown Model Huw Thomas 0414
Jun-04 Lipstick on the Gorilla 2 Huw Thomas 0413
Jun-04 Discover St. Peter's Chesil 0412
Jun-04 The Design Debate 0411
Jun-04 Development Control Shione Carden 0410
Jun-04 Street Scene Iain Patton 0409
Jun-04 Chairman's Miscellany   Patricia Edwards 0408
Mar-04 Lipstick on the Gorilla Huw Thomas 0407
Mar-04 Winchester Neighbourhood Studies 0406
Mar-04 Police HQ, Romsey Rd The Last Chance 0405
Mar-04 Street Scene   Iain Patton 0404
Mar-04 Development Control   Shione Carden 0403
Mar-04 Winchester's Finest   C.J.Webb 0402
Mar-04 from the Chairman   Roger Backhouse 0401
Dec-03 Solent Architecture Centre Michael Carden 0324
Dec-03 Tree Planting 0323
Dec-03 Award Scheme 0322
Dec-03 Planning in Winchester Patricia Edwards 0321
Dec-03 Development Control   Shione Carden 0320
Dec-03 Annual General Meeting   Sally Patience 0319
Sep-03 A cry against reactionary and negative  Ray Attfield 0318
Sep-03 Some Facts of Planning   John Hearn 0317
Sep-03 Oram's Arbour Play Area Robin Merton 0316
Sep-03 Visit from Chichester Robin Merton 0315
Sep-03 Chairman's News   Roger Backhouse 0314
Sep-03 Development Control   Shione Carden 0313
Jun-03 Broadway Friarsgate Planning Brief 0312
Jun-03 Development Control Shione Carden 0311
Jun-03 Chairman's News Roger Backhouse 0310
Mar-03 The CWT Website Antony Skinner 0309
Mar-03 Hyde Abbey Garden   Barbara Hall 0308
Mar-03 Proposed Road Improvements 0307
Mar-03 Michael Carden Robin Merton 0306
Mar-03 Ian Grant   Robin Merton 0305
Mar-03 PPG3 Executive Summary 0304
Mar-03 Other Dates to note 0303
Mar-03 Development Control Shione Carden 0302
Mar-03 Chairman's News Roger Backhouse 0301
Dec-02 PPG3 Antony Proudman 0226
Dec-02 Development Control   Shione Carden 0225
Dec-02 Responses to TrustNews 0224
Dec-02 The Charm of Winchester Michael Carden 0223
Dec-02 West Hill Cemetery   Robin Merton 0222
Dec-02 Redevelopment in Winchester 0221
Sep-02 Code of Conduct 0220
Sep-02 Memorandum 0219
Sep-02 Chairman's News Roger Backhouse 0218
Sep-02 Development control Shione Carden 0217
May-02 The Art of Architects and Friends 0216
May-02 What future for Art 0215
May-02 Robin Merton 0214
May-02 Roger Brown's Model 0213
May-02 Garden for Hyde Abbey 0212
May-02 Help! 0211
May-02 Gift Aid 0210
May-02 Chairmans Report Roger Backhouse 0209
May-02 Development Control Shione Carden 0208
Feb-02 TrustNews 0207
Feb-02 Friarsgate Development 0206
Feb-02 Letter From Robin Merton Robin Merton 0205
Feb-02 Winchester District Local Plan Antony Skinner 0204
Feb-02 Policy Group Antony Proudman 0203
Feb-02 Development Control   Shione Carden 0202
Feb-02 Chairman's Statement   Roger Backhouse 0201 
Sum-01 Information required 0134
Sum-01 Wanted 0133 
Sum-01 Membership 0132
Sum-01 The Trust AGM and David Mackay 0131 
Sum-01 Diary Dates 0130
Sum-01 83/84 High Street/Staple Gardens 0129
Sum-01 Tony Hunter 0128 
Sum-01 Winchester's Historic Ironwork 0127
Sum-01 Newsletter 0126
Sum-01 The Hampshire Gardens Trust Roger Brown 0125
Sum-01 Organisation 0124 
Sum-01 Publicity News 0123
Sum-01 Trust's Strategic Vision 0122
Sum-01 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 0121 
Sum-01 Chairman's Message R.B.Merton 0120 
Sum-01 Title Picture 0119 
Spg-01 Information required 0118 
Spg-01 Book Sale 0117 
Spg-01 Vision Paper R.B.Merton 0116 
Spg-01 Membership 0115 
Spg-01 The Trust’s new policy Antony Proudman 0114 
Spg-01 We have a new name! 0113 
Spg-01 Europa Nostra Medal of Honour 0112 
Spg-01 New Publications 0111 
Spg-01 Return of the Summer Walks 0110 
Spg-01 Policy Group 0109 
Spg-01 Chippindale Venture 0108 
Spg-01 Organisation 0107 
Spg-01 The Story of an Old Courthouse - Down Under Allan Cook 0106 
Spg-01 Members contributions 0105 
Spg-01 Design Awards 2000 0104 
Spg-01 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 0103
Spg-01 Chairman's Message R.B.Merton 0102 
Spg-01 Title Picture 0101 
Sum-00 'The Future of Winchester Study' 0031
Sum-00 Book Sale 0030
Sum-00 Membership 0029
Sum-00 Diary Dates 0028
Sum-00 Summer Walks 2000 0027
Sum-00 Architecture week 9 - 18 June 2000 0026
Sum-00 Organisation 0025
Sum-00 John Gummer MP 0024
Sum-00 PPG3 on Housing; will it make a difference Kate Macintosh 0023
Sum-00 Millennium Tree Planting Gillian Bauer 0022
Sum-00 Chippindale Venture Keith Leaman 0021
Sum-00 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 0020 
Sum-00 Chairman's Message R.B.Merton 0019 
Sum-00 Title Picture 0018 
Spg-00 Membership 0017
Spg-00 Diary Dates 0016
Spg-00 Archive R. Kinnard Smith 0015
Spg-00 Thoughts of an Onlooker - Hyde Abbey 1995 – 99 Barbara Hall 0014
Spg-00 Summer Walks 2000 0013
Spg-00 Conservation Award 0012
Spg-00 Looking at Townscape 0011
Spg-00 The WPT, the Civic Trust and Southern Comfort Antony Skinner 0010 
Spg-00 Organisation 0009 
Spg-00 Design Awards 2000 0008 
Spg-00 Letter from The Rt. Hon John Gummer MP 0007 
Spg-00 Letter from Lord Rogers 0006 
Spg-00 Lord Rogers and John Gummer MP endorse Trust policy 0005 
Spg-00 Winchester Preservation Trust AGM Robin Nicholson CBE RIBA 0004 
Spg-00 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 0003 
Spg-00 Chairman's Message R.B.Merton 0002 
Spg-00 Title Picture 0001 
Sum-99 Membership Rolly Thomas 9930
Sum-99 Diary Dates Nick McPherson 9929 
Sum-99 New Publications 9928 
Sum-99 A letter from a concerned Canon Street resident Robert Dick-Read 9927
Sum-99 Butterfly Conservation 9926
Sum-99 Obituary - Margaret Salmon 1909 - 1999 A.C.C. 9925
Sum-99 Summer Walks 1999 9924
Sum-99 Richard Rogers 9923
Sum-99 Organisation 9922
Sum-99 City or Suburbs That is the Question Ray Attfield 9921
Sum-99 The 'Winchester Project' at King Alfred College 9920
Sum-99 Chippindale Venture and Workshop Programme 9919
Sum-99 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 9918
Sum-99 Chairman's Message R.B.Merton 9917
Sum-99 Title Picture 9916
Spg-99 Membership Rolly Thomas 9915
Spg-99 Diary Dates 9914
Spg-99 Obituary - Lieut-Colonel George Parry Burnett 1921-1998 9913
Spg-99 Summer Walks 1998 9912
Spg-99 New Publications 9911 
Spg-99 Summer Walks 1999 Nick McPherson 9910
Spg-99 Prowling around Winchester Miss Winifred Powley 9909 
Spg-99 Organisation 9908 
Spg-99 Parthenon in a Puddle 9907 
Spg-99 Public Art in Winchester Keith Walker 9906 
Spg-99 Neighbourhood Studies Antony Feltham-King 9905 
Spg-99 The Chippindale Venture and Workshop Programme Keith Leaman 9904 
Spg-99 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 9903 
Spg-99 Chairman's Message R.B.Merton 9902 
Spg-99 Title Picture 9901 
Sum-98 Comments on Spring Newsletter Designs Awards 1997 Patrick Maclure 9826 
Sum-98 Membership Rolly Thomas 9825
Sum-98 Book Sale Jo Gordon-Watson 9824 
Sum-98 The Hampshire Chronicle Project 9823 
Sum-98 Diary Dates 9822 
Sum-98 Organisation 9821 
Sum-98 Andrew Rutter's Retirement Michael Carden 9820 
Sum-98 Chippindale Venture Phil Turner 9819 
Sum-98 Interview Steven Bee, Chief Planning Officer Winchester Ray Attfield 9818 
Sum-98 Archives Rosemary Kinnaird Smith 9817 
Sum-98 Neighbourhood Studies Antony Feltham-King RIBA 9816
Sum-98 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 9815
Sum-98 Chairman's Message R.B.Merton 9814 
Sum-98 Title Picture 9813 
Spg-98 Membership, Subscriptions and Donations 9812
Spg-98 Summer Walks 9811
Spg-98 Book Sale 9810 
Spg-98 Robin Merton, New Chairman 9809 
Spg-98 Organisation 9808 
Spg-98 Comments on Design Awards 1997 Andrew Rutter 9807 
Spg-98 Design Awards 1997 9806 
Spg-98 Chernocke Place and Winchester's Pioneer Motorist Chris Webb 9805 
Spg-98 Urban Studies - Chippindale Venture 1998 K. Leaman A.Feltham-King 9804 
Spg-98 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 9803 
Spg-98 Chairman's Message R.B.Merton 9802 
Spg-98 Title Picture 9801 
Sum-97 Diary Dates 9730 
Sum-97 Annual General Meeting 9729
Sum-97 Subscriptions 9728 
Sum-97 Membership 9727
Sum-97 Memoirs of a Winchester Working Man Michael Carden 9726 
Sum-97 Summer Walks 1997 9725 
Sum-97 Organisation 9724 
Sum-97 Another Time, Another Place Sara Dick-Read 9723 
Sum-97 Trust Member's Choice 9722
Sum-97 The Chippindale Venture Keith Leaman 9721 
Sum-97 The Heritage Centre Chris Webb 9720 
Sum-97 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 9719 
Sum-97 Chairman's Message Antony Skinner 9718 
Sum-97 Title Picture 9717 
Spg-97 RIBA Lectures 9716
Spg-97 Diary 9715 
Spg-97 Organisation 9714 
Spg-97 1997 Design Awards 9713 
Spg-97 Subscriptions 9712 
Spg-97 Membership 9711 
Spg-97 St Agatha's Church, Portsmouth 9710 
Spg-97 Trust Member's Choice 9709 
Spg-97 ....An Eye on the City 9708
Spg-97 Barbara Carpenter Turner Michael Carden 9707 
Spg-97 Archives Rosemary Kinnaird – Smith 9706 
Spg-97 The Chippindale Venture Keith Leaman 9705 
Spg-97 Report from the Heritage Centre Chris Webb 9704 
Spg-97 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 9703 
Spg-97 Chairman's Message Antony Skinner 9702 
Spg-97 Title Picture 9701 
Sum-96 Diary Dates 9638
Sum-96 Subscriptions 9637
Sum-96 Newsletter Deliverers 9636
Sum-96 Membership 9635
Sum-96 Summer Walks 1996 9634
Sum-96 East Lane Garden 9633
Sum-96 Tesco's Blazing Beacon 9632 
Sum-96 Southern Comfort 1996 9631 
Sum-96 Georgian Architecture 9630 
Sum-96 Historic Buildings and Ancient Landscape 9629 
Sum-96 Organisation 9628 
Sum-96 Barry Joyce and Local Distinctiveness 9627 
Sum-96 Trust Member's Choice 9626 
Sum-96 Central Winchester Urban Design Workshops Ray Attfield 9625 
Sum-96 Bicycles and Bicycling Susan Butterfield 9624 
Sum-96 Peninsula Barracks Antony Skinner 9623 
Sum-96 Report from the Heritage Centre Chris Webb 9622 
Sum-96 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 9621 
Sum-96 Chairman's Message Antony Skinner 9620 
Sum-96 Title Picture 9619 
Spg-96 Diary 9618 
Spg-96 Subscriptions 9617 
Spg-96 Membership 9616 
Spg-96 Summer Lecture 30th May 9615 
Spg-96 Butterfly Conservation at Magdalen Hill Down G. Yorke 9614 
Spg-96 Summer Walks 1996 9613 
Spg-96 Eye on the City 9612 
Spg-96 Organisation 9611 
Spg-96 Winchester Preservation Trust, 1957-1995 9610 
Spg-96 Heritage Centre C.J. Webb Mike Lee 9609 
Spg-96 Hyde Gate 9608 
Spg-96 Projects 9607 
Spg-96 Peninsula Barracks Landscape Hugh Watson 9606 
Spg-96 Landscape - The Trust Tree Survey Gillian Bauer 9605 
Spg-96 Archives Committee Rosemary Kinnard-Smith 9604 
Spg-96 Development Control Committee Shione Carden 9603 
Spg-96 Chairman's Message Antony Skinner 9602 
Spg-96 Title Picture 9601 
Sum-95 Diary 9530 
Sum-95 Summer Walks 9529 
Sum-95 Organisation 9528 
Sum-95 Subscriptions 9527 
Sum-95 Cable Television - Attention Please! 9526 
Sum-95 Membership 9525 
Sum-95 Trust AGM: 13 November 1995 9524 
Sum-95 East Lane Garden 9523 
Sum-95 ....Eye on the City Ray Attfield 9522 
Sum-95 Heritage Centre Chris Webb 9521 
Sum-95 Projects Scot Alan Masker 9520 
Sum-95 Landscape Gillian Bauer 9519 
Sum-95 Development Control Shione Carden 9518 
Sum-95 Message from the Chairman Antony Skinner 9517 
Sum-95 Title Picture 9516 
Spg-95 Diary 9515 
Spg-95 Summer Walks 9514 
Spg-95 Membership Subscriptions 9513 
Spg-95 Butterflies and Moths 9512 
Spg-95 Organisation 9511 
Spg-95 Cathedral Diver - Material wanted 9510 
Spg-95 Design Awards 1994 9509 
Spg-95 The Waterways of Winchester- part2 Elizabeth Proudman 9508 
Spg-95 Heritage Centre Chris Webb 9507 
Spg-95 Chippindale Venture 1995 Keith Leaman 9506 
Spg-95 Projects Scot Alan Masker 9505 
Spg-95 Landscape Gillian Bauer 9504 
Spg-95 Development Control Shione Carden 9503 
Spg-95 Message from the Chairman Antony Skinner 9502 
Spg-95 Title Picture 9501 
Sum-94 Bargeboard Answers 9426 
Sum-94 Diary 9425 
Sum-94 Of Mynstres and Mills John Keevil 9424 
Sum-94 Annual General Meeting 9423 
Sum-94 Bargeboards of Winchester 9422 
Sum-94 Projects Group Antony Feltham-King 9421 
Sum-94 Heritage Centre Chris Webb 9420 
Sum-94 Urban Studies Committee D.B. 9419 
Sum-94 Landscape Gillian Bauer 9418 
Sum-94 Development Control Shione Carden 9417 
Sum-94 Message from the Chairman Antony Skinner 9416 
Sum-94 Title Picture 9415 
Spg-94 Diary 9414 
Spg-94 1994 Design Awards 9413 
Spg-94 Computer for sale 9412 
Spg-94 New Members 9411 
Spg-94 Keep Your House In Good Order 9410 
Spg-94 Conservation Area M.D. 9409 
Spg-94 The Waterways of Winchester Elizabeth Proudman 9408 
Spg-94 Projects Group Antony Feltham-King 9407 
Spg-94 Heritage Centre Chris Webb 9406 
Spg-94 The Chippindale Venture and Chippindale Workshop Keith Leaman 9405 
Spg-94 Landscape M.M. 9404 
Spg-94 Development Control Shione Carden 9403 
Spg-94 Message from the Chairman Antony Skinner 9402 
Spg-94 Title Picture 9401 
Sum-93 Diary 9327 
Sum-93 Local Government Review in Hampshire Harvey Cole 9326 
Sum-93 The Lorry - Ally or Adversary Frank Cook 9325 
Sum-93 Profile: Development Control 9324 
Sum-93 The Trust Advisory Panel 9323 
Sum-93 Membership Subscription 9322 
Sum-93 Annual General Meeting 9321 
Sum-93 Heritage Centre 9320 
Sum-93 Urban Studies 9319 
Sum-93 Landscape 9318 
Sum-93 Development Control 9317 
Sum-93 Message from the Chairman Antony Skinner 9316 
Sum-93 Title Picture 9315 
Spg-93 Letter to Trust Members 9314 
Spg-93 Diary 9313 
Spg-93 Forthcoming books 9312 
Spg-93 People and Green Places 9311 
Spg-93 Winchester 900 Festival (1093 - 1993) 9310 
Spg-93 Southern Comfort Meeting 9309 
Spg-93 Conservation in the Balance Andrew Rutter 9308 
Spg-93 Heritage Centre 9307 
Spg-93 Chippindale Venture IV 9306 
Spg-93 Urban Studies - Lecture Series 9305 
Spg-93 Landscape 9304 
Spg-93 Development Control Shione Carden 9303 
Spg-93 Message from the Chairman Antony Skinner 9302 
Spg-93 Title Picture 9301 
Sum-92 Programme 9221 
Sum-92 New Publications by Trust Members 9220 
Sum-92 Townscape in Trouble 9219 
Sum-92 Winchester Historic Libraries Sara Dick-Read 9218 
Sum-92 Heritage Centre 9217 
Sum-92 Landscape 9216 
Sum-92 Development Control 9215 
Sum-92 Visions of Winchester 9214 
Sum-92 Title Picture 9213 
Win-92 Fine Arts Auction Sale 9212 
Win-92 Talks Programme 9211 
Win-92 Southern Comfort Michael Carden 9210 
Win-92 Flint Wall Repairs Bob Bennett 9209 
Win-92 Design Awards 1991 9208 
Win-92 Heritage Centre 9207 
Win-92 Urban Studies 9206 
Win-92 Landscape 9205 
Win-92 Development Control 9204 
Win-92 Visions of Winchester 9203 
Win-92 Subscription Increase 9202 
Win-92 Title Picture 9201 
Jul-91 Concrete or Countryside 9128 
Jul-91 Ted Cullinan 9127 
Jul-91 A Winchester Bookshop & Bindery Claire Bolton 9126 
Jul-91 Grass Roots Democracy 9125 
Jul-91 Hampshire Butterfly Report 9124 
Jul-91 Hampshire Photographic Survey 9123 
Jul-91 Winchester Cathedral Appeal 9122 
Jul-91 Annual Fete 9121 
Jul-91 The Heritage Centre 9120 
Jul-91 Chippindale Venture 9119 
Jul-91 Landscape 9118 
Jul-91 Development Control 9117 
Jul-91 Chairman of the Trust David Middleditch 9116 
Jul-91 Title Picture 9115 
Feb-91 Application for Membership 9114 
Feb-91 Programme 9113 
Feb-91 Membership 9112 
Feb-91 Owen Browne Carter (1806 – 1859) Robin Freeman 9111 
Feb-91 The Mizmaze Puzzle Prof James Stevens Curl 9110 
Feb-91 Park and Ride 9109 
Feb-91 1991 Design Awards 9108 
Feb-91 News in Brief 9107 
Feb-91 Heritage Centre 9106 
Feb-91 Landscape 9105 
Feb-91 Chippindale Venture II 9104 
Feb-91 Planning Developments 9103 
Feb-91 Grass Roots Democracy Pamela Peskett 9102 
Feb-91 Title Picture 9101 
Aug-90 Membership Recommendation Form 9039 
Aug-90 Application for Membership 9038 
Aug-90 Programme 9037 
Aug-90 The Lecture at the AGM by Professor Martin Biddle 9036 
Aug-90 New Books from Trust Members 9035 
Aug-90 Hampshire Garden Trust 9034 
Aug-90 Hampshire Butterfly Report George Yorke 9033 
Aug-90 Heritage Centre Alan Cooke Hon. Mgr 9032 
Aug-90 Planning Developments Jeffrey Smith 9031 
Aug-90 Landscape Committee Penny Neyroud 9030 
Aug-90 Racing in Winchester Sara Dick-Read 9029 
Aug-90 The Mizmaze Puzzle Michael Carden 9028 
Aug-90 We need your help to get more members for the Trust Antony Skinner 9027 
Aug-90 Title Picture 9026 
May-90 Membership 9025 
May-90 Programme 9024 
May-90 Coffeee Mornings Rosemary Smith 9023 
May-90 Letter from Mr. A.R.Bryant 9022 
May-90 Letter from Nick McPherson 9021 
May-90 Letter from Major K.M. Egleston 9020 
May-90 Planning Developments Jeffrey Smith 9019 
May-90 The Story of the Royal Hotel Peter Bogan 9018 
May-90 The M3 Motorway Gillian Bauer 9017 
May-90 The Arguments against the 'Cutting' Solution Chris Gillham 9016 
May-90 M3 Motorway Bar End to Compton David Middleditch 9015 
May-90 Officers 9014 
May-90 Title Picture 9013 
Feb-90 Party 9012 
Feb-90 Subscriptions 9011 
Feb-90 Programme 9010 
Feb-90 Charlotte Lady Bonham Carter - Obituary David Middleditch 9009 
Feb-90 Report from Planning and Policy Committee Jeffrey Smith 9008 
Feb-90 Trees in Winchester Gillian Bauer 9007 
Feb-90 Vision for the 1990's Jeffrey Smith 9006 
Feb-90 Magdalen Hill Down George Yorke 9005 
Feb-90 A Personal View of Winchester Colin Stansfield Smith 9004 
Feb-90 The Chippindale Venture 9003 
Feb-90 Mrs W J Carpenter Turner David Middleditch 9002 
Feb-90 Title Picture 9001 
Aug-89 Membership Application 8929 
Aug-89 Programme - 1989/90 8928 
Aug-89 The Regimental Museums in Peninsula Barracks Robert Cross 8927 
Aug-89 Heritage Centre Alan Cooke 8926 
Aug-89 Some Problems of Tree Planting in Towns Michael Baron 8925 
Aug-89 The Chippindale Venture Keith Leaman 8924 
Aug-89 The Westgate Jeffrey Smith 8923 
Aug-89 Traffic in Winchester C J Gillham 8922 
Aug-89 St. John’s Charity Barbara Carpenter Turner 8921 
Aug-89 Title Picture John Crook 8920 
May-89 Application for Membership 8919 
May-89 Programme 8918 
May-89 Sarum Farm Robert Cross 8917 
May-89 Peninsula Barracks Michael Carden 8916 
May-89 Planning Trends in Winchester Jeffrey Smith 8915 
May-89 Whiteshute Lane 8914 
May-89 City Road - The Need for An Aesthetic Evaluation Keith Leaman 8913 
May-89 Conserving and Enhancing a Cathedral Trevor Beeson 8912 
May-89 Title Picture Peter Jones 8911 
Feb-89 Application for Membership 8910 
Feb-89 Programme 8909 
Feb-89 Urban Studies 8908 
Feb-89 Winchester Heritage Centre 8907 
Feb-89 Obituary - Dr George Swift D S Middleditch 8906 
Feb-89 Personal Note From Gill Graham Gill Graham 8905 
Feb-89 A Short History of St Peter’s Chapel - Now Milner Hall Peter P Bogan 8904 
Feb-89 Three Preservations Matters of Concern 8903 
Feb-89 A Personal View on Preservation J F Sabben-Clare 8902 
Feb-89 Title Picture 8901 
Aug-88 Programme 8838 
Aug-88 Free Trial Offer 8837 
Aug-88 Recent Trust Events 8836 
Aug-88 Urban Studies Committee 8835 
Aug-88 Gill - A Profile 8834 
Aug-88 Gill Graham David Middleditch 8833 
Aug-88 Winchester Heritage Centre 8832 
Aug-88 Winchester Road Safety Council Ann Bailey 8831 
Aug-88 Art in Architecture Sasha Lubetkin 8830 
Aug-88 Memorial Inscriptions at West Hill Cemetery 8829 
Aug-88 A Nature-Lover looks at West Hill Cemetery George Yorke 8828 
Aug-88 Peninsula Barracks David Middleditch 8827 
Aug-88 Frank Chippindale Michael Carden 8826 
Aug-88 Title Picture Keith Leaman 8825 
Spg-88 Programme 8824 
Spg-88 Sonnet Written by Christopher Fry Christopher Fry 8823 
Spg-88 Plaques Chris Webb 8822 
Spg-88 Stone Cladding - An Expensive Mistake 8821 
Spg-88 House Painting in Conversation Areas 8820 
Spg-88 Flint and Lime Centre Michael Carden 8819 
Spg-88 Winchester Heritage Centre Ken Johns 8818 
Spg-88 Winchester Preservation Trust Awards 1987 8817 
Spg-88 Listing of Historic Buildings Jeffrey Smith 8816 
Spg-88 West Hill Cemetry Nick McPherson 8815 
Spg-88 The M3 Inquiry Chris Gillham 8814 
Spg-88 Subscription Remider 8813 
Spg-88 Title Picture - Rankside Cottages Michael Carden 8812 
Feb-88 Programme 8811 
Feb-88 St. Thomas Street Booklet 8810 
Feb-88 Hampshire Chronicle 8809 
Feb-88 Winchester Carnival 8808 
Feb-88 The Brooks Michael Carden 8807 
Feb-88 Winchester Heritage Centre Ken Johns 8806 
Feb-88 Collection of Slide Transpariences Harold Sturges 8805 
Feb-88 Development Control Committee George Burnett 8804 
Feb-88 Motorway Inquiry Chris Gillham 8803 
Feb-88 Covenanted Subscriptions 8802 
Feb-88 Title Picture Michael Morris 8801 
Aug-87 Programme 8731 
Aug-87 Marston’s Brewery 8730 
Aug-87 M3 - Stop Press 8729 
Aug-87 Winchester Preservation Trust Awards - 1987 8728 
Aug-87 BR’s Refurbished Station - an Appreciation Alan Cooke 8727 
Aug-87 Heritage Centre News 8726 
Aug-87 The Trust’s Comments on the Brooks Exhibition 8725 
Aug-87 Winchester Preservation Trust Booklets 8724 
Aug-87 M3 and the Winchester M3 Joint Action Group 8723 
Aug-87 Date of Annual General Meeting 8722 
Aug-87 Title Picture Peter Jones 8721 
Spg-87 Programme 8720 
Spg-87 Heritage Centre News 8719 
Spg-87 Covenants 8718 
Spg-87 Subscription Renewals 8717 
Spg-87 M3 Bar End - Compton 8716 
Spg-87 The Brooks Development 8715 
Spg-87 Title Picture 8714 
Jan-87 Additional Programme Information 8713 
Jan-87 Programme 8712 
Jan-87 Urban Studies Committee Frank Chippindale 8711 
Jan-87 Land Owned by Marston’s Brewery, Hyde Street/North Walls 8710 
Jan-87 Twyford Waterworks Trust 8709 
Jan-87 Who are they 8708 
Jan-87 Amenity & Preservation Societies are more important Keith Egleston 8707 
Jan-87 Landscape Committee Hugh Watson 8706 
Jan-87 The Brooks Development M Carden & C Gillham 8705 
Jan-87 Collection of Slide Transparencies Harold Sturges 8704 
Jan-87 Heritage Centre News Ken Johns & Alan Clarke 8703 
Jan-87 60/61 Colebrook Street David Middleditch 8702 
Jan-87 Title Picture 8701 
Sum-86 Programme 8635 
Sum-86 A City for People Chris Gillham 8634 
Sum-86 Discussion Paper Topics 8633 
Sum-86 Heritage Centre News Ken Johns 8632 
Sum-86 Development Control Committee George Burnett 8631 
Sum-86 Floral Winchester Group Mary Dauncey 8630 
Sum-86 Hampshire Archives Trust Jeffrey Smith 8629 
Sum-86 Who are they 8628 
Sum-86 Urban Studies Committee Frank Chippindale 8627 
Sum-86 Flint Wall Campaign Michael Carden 8626 
Sum-86 Title Picture 8625 
Apr-86 Additional Programme Information 8624 
Apr-86 Programme 8623 
Apr-86 Local Government (access to Information) Act 1985 8622 
Apr-86 History of Firefighting 8621 
Apr-86 Time for a Trial of Park and Ride Mary Dauncey 8620 
Apr-86 Local Plan Inquiry Chris Gillham 8619 
Apr-86 The City Wall Jeffrey Smith 8618 
Apr-86 Who are They 8617 
Apr-86 Proposed Local History Section 8616 
Apr-86 Scottish Scenic Trust’s "Operation Coastguard" 8615 
Apr-86 The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Naturalists' Trust 8614 
Apr-86 Southern Comfort 8613 
Apr-86 Advertisments and the Law 8612 
Apr-86 Heritage Centre News 8611 
Apr-86 Environment Week (3 - 11 May) 8610 
Apr-86 Urban Studies Committee 8609 
Apr-86 City Council’s Design Awards-Panel of Judges 8608 
Apr-86 Winchester Area Local Plan 8607 
Apr-86 Situations Vacant! 8606 
Apr-86 Landscape Committee Penny Neyroud 8605 
Apr-86 Data Protection Act 8604 
Apr-86 Subscription Renewals 8603 
Apr-86 Development Control Committee George Burnett 8602 
Apr-86 Title Picture 8601 
Dec-85 Programme 8528 
Dec-85 Where shall we plant it 8527 
Dec-85 Winchester Preservation Trust Awards 1985 8526 
Dec-85 Development Control 8525 
Dec-85 Short of ideas for Christmas or New Year Presents 8524 
Dec-85 Discussion Paper on Offices 8523 
Dec-85 Winchester Area Local Plan Inquiry 8522 
Dec-85 "Hampshire Trail" 8521 
Dec-85 Car Parking Costs in Winchester 8520 
Dec-85 Heritage Centre Christmas Cards 8519 
Dec-85 "Time for Design" 8518 
Dec-85 WPT Outing to Odiham Elizabeth Ashlin Wood 8517 
Dec-85 Heritage Centre News Ken Johns & George Swift 8516 
Dec-85 Annual General Meeting 8515 
Dec-85 60/61 Colebrook Street 8514 
Dec-85 Title Picture 8513 
Apr-85 Additional Programme Information 8512 
Apr-85 Programme 8511 
Apr-85 The Hampshire Gardens Trust Gill Graham 8510 
Apr-85 Development Control Committee Nick McPherson 8509 
Apr-85 Heritage Centre News George Swift 8508 
Apr-85 Heritage Centre – Carnegie Grant 8507 
Apr-85 Subscriptions & Membership Gill Graham 8506 
Apr-85 The Winchester Area Local Plan M Carden & C Gillham 8505 
Apr-85 Summer Soiree Gill Graham 8504 
Apr-85 Troops of Oliver Cromwell Approaching Winchester Jeffrey Smith 8503 
Apr-85 Chairman’s Message David Weait 8502 
Apr-85 Title Picture 8501