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Chairman's Jottings - TrustNews Dec 17

As I am sure everybody is aware by now, there are a number of proposed development projects, which are under consideration at this time. There are also a number of development projects that are waiting in the wings.

In order to make certain we cover the progress of the projects we have put together a team of three for each. The teams consist of a planner, an architect and a Trust member. The team will report back to the Trust with recommendations for comments and forward those comments to the local authority if felt necessary.

Because these projects have a major impact on the City, we will be informing our members of the progress and our proposed comments as the schemes evolve. Our communication to you all will be via our website and the TrustNews, so please monitor the website and read the TrustNews! Any comments you may have, please contact the Trust Secretary. The year 2018 is likely to be busy!

One of our teams is monitoring the progress of the movement strategic study, currently being considered by both Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council. Under consideration will be vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian movement. Car parking is part of the remit. Research is currently under way and this includes not just the City but the district as well. I must admit that although one welcomes such a study, and the Trust has been calling for a strategy for some time, we are a little puzzled that major project ‘master plans’ are underway without an overall strategic thinking in place — this seems like the cart before the horse!

To remind ourselves what is under consideration, the projects are as follows:-

Central Area: Under way as a ‘master plan project’, being undertaken by J T Partnership.

Station Approach area: A recent appointment of a master planning firm to produce plans for this area.

Bar End Leisure Centre: Under way with a master plan being prepared by a multi-discipline firm and a building concept being considered by an architectural firm.

Strategic Movement Plan: On-going and in the research part of the project before proposals are made by Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council.

Barton Farm: Phase I of a 2000-house project is under way and being built. It is divided into several phases, spread over a number of years, and each phase needs monitoring.

Bushfield Camp and John Moore Barracks: Both these areas will have a major impact on Winchester and are likely to be considered for development over the next 5 years.

The central car parks may well also be considered, which is why we feel that it is important to have an overall strategy for Winchester, sooner rather than later! What we are looking for in all these developments is a positive contribution, which enhances Winchester and not development which is likely to detract.

Two important public consultations on planning and movement policies are running at the moment, one by Winchester City Council on the regeneration of central Winchester which includes the Silver Hill area, and the other by Hampshire County Council in partnership with WCC on a movement strategy for Winchester. The Trust welcomes both of them and will be responding. We also encourage all members to submit their own responses using the on-line or paper forms provided; the Trust is happy to help any member on any aspect of the consultation if needed.

The Trust has long argued for a city-wide review of the way people come into Winchester and move around it. Our latest policy on traffic and movement appears on our website and our answers to the consultation on the movement strategy will conform with that. The public consultation ends on 8th December, soon after this edition is published, so all members on email should already have heard about it in an email from us.

The consultation on the draft Supplementary Planning Document for the Regeneration of Central Winchester runs until 5th February, and at the suggestion of one of our members we will be holding a special meeting aimed at helping members with their own responses and to explain the Trust’s views.

Keith Leaman and John Beveridge