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Chairman's Miscellany - TrustNews December 2007

My first topic as Chairman must be Pat Edwards. She has been a notable and energetic Chairman, devoting an enormous amount of her time to the Trust. Ever willing, indeed eager, to help her colleagues, no task was too small or too great but she never lost the "big picture" - the main purpose of the Trust. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of local affairs and of those who work in the public services can never be equalled. The greatest challenge in her time was the Silverhill development and she drove the Trust with skill and determination through that difficult period. I salute her! My term in the chair began with the Annual General Meeting. It was a great pleasure to welcome our new President, His Honour Judge Christopher Clark Q.C. and to hear his commitment to the Trust and to the city. It was unmistakable. He will be a firm support.

Sadly, Sir Peter Ramsbotham, who was retiring as President, could not be present due to a minor accident so we were denied the pleasure of thanking him personally for his support. He has been a wise guide and friend of the Trust for many years and his gentle and succinct advice has focused our thoughts and progress to great effect. Our thanks to him are unbounded. Happily, Sir Peter has agreed to be our Patron.

The conclusion of the evening was an address by Professor Tom Beaumont James who skilfully related the history of the city to archaeological work done during the Trust's first fifty years. That might seem like a neat formula but the result was brilliant and it was a shame he had to end. My thought was "when can we get him back?"

You will read elsewhere of the Trust's Awards which were declared on 30th October. My pleasure is to thank, most warmly, George Ferguson R.I.B.A. who led the judging panel and presented the awards, those members who formed the panel and, particularly, Norman and Ann Roberts who were not only judges but ran the whole operation with skill and, though unseen, much effort.

Finally, as the Trust enters its second fifty years, I wish you all peace and prosperity in 2008.

Pat Edwards

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that Pat Edwards has died. She worked tirelessly for the Trust to the end and will be sadly missed by her family and her many friends in Winchester. No further information is available as we go to print.

Iain Patton