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The Winchester Studies - TrustNews Feb 2005

Many of you will be aware that, under the leadership of Professor Martin Biddle, OBE, FSA, FBA, a series of volumes are being published which will make Winchester the most fully recorded and researched city in North West Europe.

The volumes record the history of the City from the Iron Age through Roman, Saxon, and Norman times until the decline in the later Middle Ages. Since 1971, six volumes in eight parts have already been printed and five more, including an historical atlas of Winchester, are approaching completion. The Winchester Research Unit under Martin Biddle has collated all the information recorded over the years by thousands of 'diggers' from 25 countries. As you all know opening up a bit of ground in our city will almost certainly show that someone has been on the site before! It requires painstaking work to interpret all the information and then a tremendous amount of crosschecking, often with the countries whose invaders helped to form our nation. Many scholars have given freely of their own time but an office is required to store and sift information. The City of Winchester Trust has contributed financially to the Winchester Studies and, as their representative on the Publications Committee, I commend the enclosed leaflet to you. I hope you may wish to contribute to this unique work.

Chris Webb