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Details - Trust Annual Report 1975

The loss of the balustrades on the first two houses in Eastgate Street is very unfortunate. These are a unique type of double semi-circular bay window. Their replacement by solid walls spoils the effect of the whole row. This is where there should have been an application for a listed buildings grant.

The adoption of mirror glass in the restored facade of the National Westminster Bank presents a somewhat sinister aspect. There are other ways of preventing the curious from seeing in. It is to be hoped that this practice will not be followed elsewhere.

On the new wall overlooking the mill stream in the Abbey Gardens, two stone baubles have been placed on two of the pedestals. The idea is admirable, but the execution leaves much to be desired. They appear like giant golf balls, perched on a tee of loosely piled sand.

It is good to see that the small first floor projecting window in the pentice has been restored as promised. This has been made possible because there is now no more danger from heavy goods vehicles since the High Street became a pedestrian precinct.

The curious box like structure, rising above the roof of the recently restored facades just below the Westgate, is spoiling the group effect.