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Advantages of Membership - Trust Annual Report 1962

Never before has the Trust been able to offer Members so many activities throughout the year. The Committee is particularly grateful to Mrs. Carpenter Turner who gave three lectures on the High Street and has followed these by six guided tours in different parts of Winchester, so that Members have been able to learn a great deal about their City. All have been very well attended showing the keen interest which exists in Winchester on the question of preservation.

The Committee would also like to express their warm appreciation to the Hampshire Field Club, the Historical Association and the Winchester Society who have all invited Members of the Trust to attend lectures connected with the history of Winchester. Thanks are also due to Mr. Benson Ansell, the County Architect, who gave a very important illustrated lecture on "Building High in Winchester."

The most urgent reason for joining the Trust, however, remains quite simply in the necessity of having a large body of informed opinion, aware of the importance of maintaining the character of the City. The larger the membership, the more effective will the Trust become. All those who are really concerned about the future of Winchester are asked to become Members.