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Canon Street - Trust Annual Report 1962

Residents in Canon Street were perturbed to receive letters from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government earlier in the year informing them that their properties had been removed from the Grade II list of Section 3o of the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947. The Trust called a meeting at the Friary Hall and quickly investigated the position with the Ministry. It was learned that in dealing with arrears of work the Ministry was acting on a recommendation made some years ago, that certain houses should be removed from the Grade II list and put on the Grade III list. The Trust and Residents were pleased to learn that the letters received from the Ministry did not mean that there was any threat to the houses in Canon Street.

It must be noted, however, that since the list of scheduled buildings was prepared, great improvements have taken place in Canon Street and the houses now present quite a different aspect from that of the immediate post war period. They are now an excellent example of what can be achieved by local residents who are attracted by the older type of house and enjoy making them suitable for present day conditions.