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78 & 79 Kingsgate St. - Trust Annual Report 1962

The illustrations are reproduced by photo lithography from the original aquatints by Gerhard Lemke. Original prints can be obtained for the price of 10/- each, half of which will be devoted to the St. Peter, Chesil, Appeal. Orders for the prints should be addressed to:
The Principal, School of Art, North Walls, Winchester.

Many years ago the property had been divided, the western half now being a jewellers shop and hotel. This part has a false half-timbered frontage, which is quite unlike the original, whose true character is discernible in the narrow passage on the western side. The half which has just been demolished, after years of neglect, had a typical country town frontage dating from about 185o. It is true that the front had been much cut about with later additions, and that there was much decayed timber within, nevertheless the Trust holds the opinion, that if the will had been present a very good restoration could have been achieved. Other similar buildings of the same date or earlier have been very successfully restored in Winchester.

The only merit of the shop at present under construction is its attempt to be inoffensive. A good restoration would have been more suitable for the business which will be carried on there.

The Trust made an urgent appeal both to the owners and the Corporation not to proceed with the demolition, but this went unheeded. Ironically enough the Corporation had just received Mr. Garton's report in which 102 High Street is listed as one of the buildings which "If the architectural heritage of Winchester is to be maintained, must be preserved without fail or question." Peter Symonds once lived in the building, whose site goes back to the earliest history of Winchester and is known as the Manor of God Begot.